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Nextcloud Server

The server itself is quite solid once properly installed; installation does require being a system administrator rather than a casual computer user. Reading the documentation is mandatory as part of installation. I enjoy using Nextcloud, but do wish it scaled down a little more for hobbyist users. The platform is clearly designed for large groups of enterprise users within the same server. Stability of the server will be dependant on your ability to back up each part of your LAMP stack using external tools. The Nextcloud core system is robust, but also a bit overwhelming... my favorite aspect of it is how well it can be used by friends and family who do not otherwise have accounts. Sharing files and folders is very useful via URL's, email accounts, and remote user federation. TOTP 2-Factor is easy to setup!

Details on 3rd party apps here, including browsers and mobile, can be read here. See Nextcloud App specific information in the side bar.

Integrations between Hubzilla and Nextcloud are discussed here. Hubzilla has superior support for managing a user's data in regards to groups, social groups, merging/cloning/mirroring users and instances.