Phone distro hopping

I decided to go experimental the next weeks and do some distro hopping on my phone. But not one android for another. Thats boring. I will be playing around with #UBPorts and #sailfishos

Not sure what goes first, but generally the idea is to use them as a daily driver for a while and note what are the advantages/disadvantages of both, and see whether they are good enough for daily use. I'm selfhost (floss) extremist with no google, facebook, whatsapp accounts so won't be missing those.

My approach is to check whether sailfish or ubuntu-touch could be used as "disroot" phone.
Lets find out.

(Ps for all activitypub folks seeing this)
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do you know its name? I tried with conversejs turning it into webapp which is a great idea of Ubuntu generally, but did not manage to make it send notifications.
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@muppeth found it, the app is called Kaidan. I was able to install the latest working build but unfortunately it too lacks notifications. There is an issue open requesting support for it but it's not clear how high of a priority it'll be for that project yet.
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And I just realized it has other UI bugs so it's not something I recommend using yet.