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hokay. I finally managed to install ubports. my first impression? I hate the keyboard. the overall performance is not bad though feels a bit sluggish. what I fell in love right away is ability to create webapps. just quickly made one for hubzilla which is great. I need to find a way to get xmpp notifications otherwise its impossible for me to work (server monitoring alerts and most of my communication is done with it)
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@muppeth if this is an answer to me ... your hubzilla answers just show up as normal statuses in my home timeline...if i was away a while, i'd never have noticed this reply...
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@muppeth however, any fastboot hack is impossible as oem unlock was not allowed in the system which i can't access
@Milan This was not an answer to you. Pity masto breaks the thread. I will remember to always mention people on mastodon side. Bit annoying.