Unable to add rss feed to my connection

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I have enabled the rss feeds in the admin  interface and enabled the GNU-Social plugin too. But still I am unable to add rss feed https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/rssfeedstopstories.cms to my connections.I am getting  Remote channel or protocol unavailable error. Is there something else I have to do ?
I am on nginx.
It's not just an RSS Client - it's also a way to discuss the news with other channels
And another question. Is there a way to change the RSS Feed avatar?

Provide one in the feed. But we don't recheck the avatars on feeds so if you do change it you'll probably have to wipe out the xchan record and start over.

I believe feeds are checked roughly once an hour currently, the quoted documentation is old.
@Mike i've noticed the feed refreshes once an hour. Is there a way to set it per feed. Say we have this feed we would like to be refreshed every 10 min or so.