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It's time to check if the protocols marked as "Yes" or "no" are correct for the listed fediverse platforms/software in the #Wikipedia fediverse article. I just finished converting it into sortable table and collecting references, however, I can not claim that I have the protocols accurately marked.

Here's the link:

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Ah, yes, please do. I didn't touch that part, only the list, turned it into a table so it's presentable (since and PeerTube are linking to the Fediverse page… might as well make it easy to consume).
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The Fediverse used to refer to the network of OStatus nodes, but since Mastodon became dominant, and both Mastodon and Pleroma implemented ActivityPub in addition to OStatus, it now additionally means the network of ActivityPub nodes.

The network of Diaspora nodes is The Federation.

All social networks -- Federation, Fediverse, DFRN and Zot, are monitored at .
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The Venn diagrams contain some mistakes, but the article is spot on: