Guide to Deploying Hubzilla on Digital Ocean

Since I was having some trouble with existing guides, I put together a simple reference for how I deployed my hub on Digital Ocean.
Hopefully it's complete enough to be helpful to someone!

Deploying your own Hubzilla Hub | treethought

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thanks @Mike Macgirvin, I'll fix that
The channels are still nomadic. Zot connections will still work fine. It is the other networks which have issues. Somebody recently was unable to connect to his friends on other networks from the second location. I don't know why, but this was reported.  If this works for you, great; but it is unsupported since we know there are situations where things don't work correctly and in many cases there is nothing we can do on our side to fix them.
Gotcha, yeah that makes sense. I am simply blown away by this amazing project. Thanks for the response, and all your hard work.