The Mystery of the Missing & Late Cross-Platform Posts

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Fellow Hubzillans, I apologize in advance for combining so many questions into one post. I'm super confused and frustrated but I don't understand cross-platform #federation well enough to know what to be frustrated with or how to tease these issues apart. Yesterday, I wanted to test #hubzilla notifications of "mentions" from multiple platforms. So, I created posts mentioning this Hubzilla account from my #diaspora, #mastodon, #friendica, and #osada accounts. In case it matters, note that my Hubzilla account has a two-way connection with each of these other accounts. Skip to the bottom for my questions.

Results of posting and mentioning from different platforms:

Diaspora: The post from @alysonsee (D*) showed up in my Hubzilla feed quickly, as did a notification of the mention. The comment I made on it from my Friendica account ( @alysonsee (Fca) ) also appeared in my Hubzilla feed and I got a notification of the mention the Fca account made of the Hz account. That's good news. What's weird is that my comment from Fca showed up only once from the perspective of D* account and my Hz account but showed up TWICE for @boet 's Hubzilla account--delivered once via Friendica and once via ActivityPub. In fact, a number of Hubzilla users have reported seeing some Friendica comments twice in threads lately. (Original post is here: .'s copy is here: )

Mastodon: It took nearly a day for my post from @alysonsee to show up in my Hubzilla feed. But it eventually did, along with the reply from my Osada account, which strangely came in over ActivityPub rather than Zot. However, I got no notifications for the mentions in the original Mastodon post or the Osada comment. @Mike Macgirvin has recently added a fix for "mention" notifications from ActivityPub events which will likely go out in Hubzilla v4. So, the only real frustration here is that it took so fracking long for the post to arrive on in comparison to posts from my Mastodon account (which show up within a minute) and that account is only a one-way connection (from Hz to the account). (Original post is here: )

Friendica: It has been over a day and my post from @alysonsee (Fca) still has not shown up in my Hubzilla feed. In fact, if I look from my Hubzilla account at the "Recent Activity" on that connection over the last couple of months, the content is very spotty. Some "likes" are there but not all. Some "comments" are there but not all. The last post that came through was 2 months ago, shortly after I connected the two accounts, which means that it has missed 5 other posts. My Hubzilla clone account (on only has one of my Fca account's posts from the last 2 months, but a different one than the one my primary Hubzilla account has. Strangely, @boet received my Friendica test post in his Hubzilla feed straight away--in fact, faster than he gets my posts. Even my Mastodon and Osada accounts received the post and were able to comment on it. Also, I have received posts from other (Friendica) users in my feed. So, why are the posts from my Fca account missing in my Hz feed?

Osada: My Osada post showed up in my Hubzilla feed pretty quickly but via ActivityPub. I mean, that's fine. I just would have expected Zot --> Zot would be the default. It also means that my Hz account didn't get a "mention" notification. Also, it didn't show up in my Hubzilla clone's feed. My Friendica account saw it and was able to comment on it. But that was about an hour ago and the comment still hasn't shown up in my Hubzilla feed (primary or clone).

One last tidbit: After a couple of hours of trying these different combos, went down for at least 12 hours. (I went to bed and so stopped trying until morning.)

So, to recap:
(1) Why do comments from Friendica show up twice in threads (delivered once via Friendica and once via ActivityPub)? (I don't know for sure, but I'm guessing that these comments are coming from users on an Fca instance running the dev branch implementation of ActivityPub. Tagging @Michael Vogel because I think that's his area. )
(2) Why did my post take nearly a day to arrive on Is that a problem or a problem?
(3) On a related note, why does it take about 24 hours for my Hubzilla posts to be delivered to @boet ? Is that a problem or a problem?
(4) Why can other Hubzilla users get my Friendica posts and my Hz account can see others' Fca posts but my Hz account can't see my Fca posts?
(5) If my Hubzilla primary and clone accounts can receive one post from a Friendica connection, then why don't they get all of them?
(6) On a related note, if my Hubzilla clone can receive one post from a one-way Mastodon connection, then why doesn't it get all of them? Or, for that matter, why doesn't it get the posts from a two-way connection on a different Mastodon instance?
(7) Why does my Hubzilla account get posts from Osada via ActivityPub rather than Zot?
(8) How many of these behaviors could be related to my primary Hubzilla instance being at v3.6.1?
yeah i wouldnt take our hub as a reference or testing instance as we had sone issues the last day. also we are not up to date (finally planned for this week) so if anything i would wait for next week annoucement that we have updated to latest and got rid of all the issues before using our hub to test anything.
consider that, knowing the problems of zotum hub with the queues, I, often, I go to respond directly on the page of the forum or the person, this is probably to be considered in the solution of the bug.
 from Diaspora
I've got nothing from my Friendica account for about a week >.<