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Great Initiative!!! Long live the federation!!
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I'm looking for a less-crap.... PT is great. But

A video database search engine. I don't want to make it only about me, but something conscious and political since there is also so much crap elsewhere... it's also a habitual thing, temptation. I also want to upload Hollywood or something 'easy' but I think this can be something really personal to not only move the crap and include 'legal / illegal' entertainment but
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I'm looking for less crap. I don't want to make this only about me, but it includes me and I want to make the definition of life 'more CONSCIOUS'. And that includes many confusing words like bineg 'political' etc... but all these confusing words simply mean making it PERSONAL. That's the best I've got... and what I want to see at PT.

So at the same time as appreciating the wonderful work, I want IT (information technology) to stay humble, personal... even that will have lots of growing phases.
It's too easy stuff moving lots of corporate-made entertainment here. I feel that acts as a target or acknowledgement we've not got much better than the crap that is pumped out elsewhere but the Gb's. if I'm honest, things out of any context to other people could be considered crap... and I'm leaning more towards this then trying to give excuse for all the stuff I've downloaded and deleted... some as a needed phase... and some as a type of addiction, catchment inside capitalism. I want out more properly.

Small and conscious... 'make IT personal' is my motto. I made a video to contribute both to PT and how I feel and try live every day. Life needs more caring about each other...

Sorry if this is too passionate / logical - I know everyone is different...

What am I saying? Enough Anime perhaps or a least have one copy. Do we want Holloywood?

How many have come to realise our own personal bad habits as just temptations / being slaves of some kind to mass media pumped out? (I think it could be everyone)

Sorry again it's hard to be 100% true from everyone. At the end of the day we have grow out of YOUTUBE, is that what I think... you think. I think there is a way to differentiate without just listening to me. People's content without context... can be just crap. Please PT makers... 'make IT personal'... and also keep in mind that IT = bandwidth, uploading / streaming and that is costing living beings (the death of the planet and people slave to the system paying false debts)... it's a hard one and I don't want to argue, I just hope you choose consciously... and that goes right from the start sometimes from living and acting what we love and see in the movies and Hollywood... but then actually moving on into doing those things in REAL LIFE... 'Being the change' work as living thing, not an extra Ghandi sentiment...