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disrootdisroot wrote the following post Sat, 01 Sep 2018 00:55:09 +0200
👋 Announcement

If you want to follow info about issues, downtimes, scheduled maintenance of disroot platform, check with your favourite tool:

🍇 web: https://state.disroot.org
🍏 mail: https://state.disroot.org/subscribe
🍑 RSS: https://state.disroot.org/atom
🍓 XMPP: state@chat.disroot.org
🌽 Matrix: #state:disroot.org
🥦 Diaspora/hubzilla/mastodon/fediverse: disroot_state@hub.disroot.org
also best way is to send email to support@disroot.org
 from Diaspora
It was on webmail.

However, we have "good" news for Disroot. The problem seemed to be related to FireFox, since it has worked on another web browser (Vivaldi).

Thanks for the information about support and for your answer!
Thanks for the info I will have a look regardless.
in case you want to follow it and poke us if it takes too long to resolve: