Woohoo, I GOT ONE! Paul is an IRL friend, has embraced the #deleteFacebook movement, and just joined #friendica. One of the downsides of my leaving FB was that I no longer got updates on where his wit, curiosity, and politics took him. This is gonna be great. Please welcome him, and give him a follow if you like smart, funny, humble, left-leaning people who never stop learning.

Paul, I'm looking forward to pictures of the cats in front of the fireplace, your melting basset hound, and the latest holiday decorations.

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Paul AlterPaul Alter wrote the following post Fri, 23 Nov 2018 15:38:46 +0100

New Here

Hello friendly people of Frendica,

I'm #NewHere. I decided to try this after a friend, @alysonsee (Fca), recommended it. She had done research/trying out of some federated social media services and seemed to like this one.

I had been becoming disenchanted with my primary social media service, Facebook. But the recent news about FB first covering up their discovery of the Russian's interference in the election process in 2015, then their use of Russian disinformation tactics to cover their behavior and try to lay blame on other competitors, well, that was just too Trump for me. Deleted my account and here I am.

Enough about that. What about moi? I'm an unrepentant liberal. What does that mean? I won't apologize for thinking we should care for the most needy in our society. Nor for the environment, education, universal medical care, and all those other socialist leaning policies. As the columnist Gene Weingarten is fond of saying, "I'm so liberal the trees hug me." When you raise the boat for one, you raise it for all.

Speaking of columnists, my favorite is #LeonardPitts. If you want to get a good insight into my social and political leanings, he matches my thoughts about 99.9% of the time. https://www.miamiherald.com/opinion/opn-columns-blogs/leonard-pitts-jr/

I'm retired from the software/IT industry. I worked for #IBM for 15 years, then left to a small, local startup called #MDI, which was bought by #Sybase. I worked there for 6 years, then went back to IBM for another 15. My education was a double major in Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology and Computer Science from the University of Colorado in Boulder #CUBoulder. I started working in the CU Boulder MCD Biology department, got married, and needed some real money to survive, so I went to work at IBM as a lab technician in analytical chemistry. A few years later, IBM retrained me as a mainframe programmer, and the rest - as they say - is history, I suppose.

My favorite aspect of my career was the people I worked with. Whether writing software, leading a team, being a manager, or working with clients, the individuals around me were the primary reasons the work either made, or broke, my enjoyment.

Next came the intellectual challenge, whether trying to figure out an algorithm, shooting a tough bug, figuring out how to make a good work environment for my team, helping an individual succeed, or with a problem that may/may not relate to work, figuring out an IT architecture, those were the things that motivated me.

Now that I'm #retired, my wife & I (she's also a former IBMer) (1) take care of our elderly furr-babies: a Norwegian Forest cat, a formerly feral racoon-tailed momma cat from Chicago, and a 15 year-old #BassetHound named Maggie. (2) volunteer with the City of Boulder Open Space/Mountain Parks #OSMPBoulder as a trail guide. We also volunteer with Voices for Children as Court Appointed Special Advocates (#CASA). We work with kids in the court system because of abuse and neglect, and make sure their needs are heard by the court.

We audit classes at CU Boulder, particularly enjoying astronomy and astrophysics. It's great not to feel the pressure of homework and tests, and just focus on learning! We have done some traveling, but are grounded right now because of the needs of our pets.

I love to cook. We're vegetarians and I enjoy coming up with creative recipes. They don't always work, but what the hey, gotta try. Oh, and I love to eat. That's a constant struggle with me...

I love a variety of movies, from romcoms to action to drama to mystery. I tend towards binge watching - not a good thing - and lately my wife & I have subscribed to #Acorn. We get lots of British, Australian, Canadian, and New Zealand shows with that. We also have to watch it with closed-captioning so we can understand with their accents and slang. But we love it.

I decorate our yard heavily for #Halloween, I love #Christmas, and I love all things #Disney. My favorite project at IBM was working with Disney for about 5 years. What can I say? Great people, and intellectually challenging!

Aloha for now. I'm looking forward to finding new e-friends here.
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