Allowing public like and comment?

Fellow Hubzillans, I'm considering changing the permissions on my channel to allow likes and comments from people that I am not connected to. I'm assuming that means changing my "Channel Role and Privacy" setting from "Social - Mostly Public" to "Social - Federation".

According to the Hubzilla documentation, "Social - Federation" also means that my list of connections is public and that non-connections can DM me. I don't want those things.

Is it possible to get the desired combo (public like and comment, not public connection list and DM)? If so, how?

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@alysonsee (Hz) Okay, as long as you know where you're going and why you're doing it.
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You can install Permissions Categories app and in the Settings, Channel Settings, Security and Privacy Settings you will have a new option Default permissions category and you can set all new followers as follower.
This comment is provided specifically for @alysonsee (Hz) and describes an undocumented and unsupported procedure. It should achieve the desired outcome. To anybody else reading along, use at your own risk. If you get into trouble, you will get no assistance from the core team. You have been warned.

Keep your permissions as 'Social - mostly public'.


This should be 128. Change it to 256 and submit.

note1: If you ever change your channel permission role to anything else, you may lose this change.

note2: You won't receive comments from any 'pending' (unapproved) connections until they are approved. If you want to allow these people to comment, use 512 instead of 256.

note3: if the starting value was anything besides 128, stop. Leave it alone.