Affinity Slider Question

Finally figured out one of my big frustrations with the affinity slider - and it's an easy fix.  But I'm curious how many others have the same frustration or if I'm (as usual) just a bit too picky.

Currently the affinity slider applies to every use of the /network page.  I find many times that I will go to a forum to view new items, but because of the affinity slider settings, not everything shows up.

The biggest frustration with this is that my notification badges don't clear and I still see notifications for unseen messages on forums that I have specifically visited (often to clear the notifications!)

I'm wondering if it might not be better to make the affinity slider NOT apply when other filters apply (for example, when you have specifically chosen to read a forum or view a specific contact using the /network stream)?

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Sorry all.... that was.... ummm. "FUN"... Anyway. Rather than spamming the network with a couple thousand "delete" messages... (I started to, then realized that was somewhat counter productive).... Let's just let the thread die a slow/painful death as it gets thrust further down the list. If someone wants to pick it up - please start another.

CHANNELBOT has been disabled (for sure this time) until I can figure out what happened and which check(s) got missed for him to be disabled (I had shut him down - or at least thought I had before stepping away from the keyboard.) Again, sorry about that.
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Oops.... one more got through apparently. I'm pretty sure everything is now fully remediated. I guess I'll find out. If there's a reply to this post, it's back to the drawing board.