Keine Rezensionen mehr/No more reviews on Google Maps


Yesterday Google has sent me a e-mail that they miss me and my reviews on maps. I'm a "Local Guide, level 6" and have contributed lots of reviews/photos/ratings/answers to question, but I won't contribute anything anymore: There has been a unspoken agreement between Google and it's users: The users contributed content/data freely, Google used the content and gave back awesome services free of charge. Google broke this agreement repeatedly - Reader, and Google+, in a very cavalier fashion: Just a  "Oh, by the way, we'll close Google+" in press announcement concerning a security problem.

Why should I contribute contenct to Google or invest time and work to write well-balanced reviews when Google+ antogonizes it's most loyal users? Who says that the local guide program won't be terminated in a similary way meaning all the work wil lbe flushed down the john?

Nope, Google, if you want reviews/ratings do it yourself. I'm done with you.

 from Diaspora
@muppeth I agree - as long as free software products are great and innovative pieces of code which inspire people to create their own phantastic things. I use Linux for years now, and I'm happy with it. But to be honest, most free software products aren't very innovative. The best of them try to come close to market leading products (such as LibreOffice to MS Office, or Gimp to Photoshop), but usually the really impacting revolutions and innovations are initiated by commercial and "non-free" products (especially by Google and Apple during the last two decades). The same is true for internet platforms so far. I really like Diaspora and I already had another account on another pod when it started six or seven years ago. But it is still far away from the look and feel and the interaction possibilities of Google+.
@muppeth Gamification! Google understands that very well from their experience with Ingress. Users get ranked and those with the most contributions often get physical goodies or an invitation to a yearly celebration. Some even got invited to California. (However, this also makes people create hundreds of fake businesses just to collect points.)

Also I've more than once made a pull request for some open source tool which got ignored or outright denied (seemingly because the owner couldn't understand what my - not at all complex - code was doing).
@muppeth There's another aspect: Since I personally use and rely on other reviews (for example, which dentist should I choose? Which car dealership/repair shop is the most honest one?) I felt a little bit obliged to submit my own reviews so other could profit from them. But not anymore. I really would love it if OSM would provide a similar feature...