One other favorite snapshot of my trip back to Michigan: On Sunday night, I was driving back from a Hanukkah dinner at my friend’s Mother-In-Law’s house in suburban Detroit. And I pulled off I-696 at about 10 Mile, and ended up idling behind a Good Ol’ Boy pickup truck with monster tires and Wisconsin plates and some sort of contraption that looked a little like a welded metal headboard for a bed propped upside down in the flat bed. And the more I stared it, I realized that two of the welded pipes on that odd headboard each had a lit light bulb screwed in to them. And as I pondered if this was some kind of twisted, homemade still or an failed attempt to modify the truck with deer hunting spotlights, I noticed two sound system horns mounted on the sides. So, I rolled down the window to sample what kind of hootenanny music was being broadcast. And instead I heard exuberant Klezmer music and realized I was staring at the biggest menorah I’d ever seen. And a voice came over the PA system and shouted “ HAPPY HANUKKAH” to all of the metro area, and then the truck rumbled off to share the miracle of defying stereotypes with the neighbors down towards Woodward Ave.

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 from Diaspora
 from Diaspora
haha! bravo!
A 4,6 liter 340 hp menorah with a soundsystem? It doesn't get much cooler than that!
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