Description: Diverses aus der digitalen Welt
About: Ein Blog über alles, was mir so begegnet.
About: This is a place for me to share information about music I like. Note: This is not a group.
Description: Cavaleiro que diz Ni!
Age: 40
Location: Île-de-France, France
Hometown: São Paulo - SP - Brasil
About: Ni! If you don't see the fnords... they won't eat you. Science, not unlike many other human endeavors, depends on an inherently collective effort, which must carefully balance collaboration and competition. As such, it is indissociable from its communication, and will share its fate: a science that cannot be shared, cannot be.


About: This is a place for people to discuss comics.
Description: Bruce Lee Fans
Keywords: bruce, lee, kung, fu, jeet, kune, do, martial, arts, wushu, wing, chun, tao, taoism
Description: music music music
Location: Franken, Deutschland
Age: 13
Location: Xerta, Catalunya, Spain
About: Random links and posts related to Jake's journey into the wonderful realm of Single Board Computers, the Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone Black specifically.
Age: 54
Keywords: rock, progressive
Description: TEA Group
Keywords: tea, cha, , camellia, sinensis
Keywords: databases, sql, rdbms
About: This is a place for discussions about databases, and related topics. The avatar was created by Anton Outkine from the Noun Project.
Location: U.S.A.
Keywords: books, music, linux, zot
About: I am just a guy.
Description: A group...for lazy admins
Description: A group...for Linux users
Age: 49
Location: Italy
Description: Forum für die DE Übersetzungen der Red Matrix
Description: Forum to organize meetings in Europe
Location: Europe
About: This forum is dedicated to discussing and planning personal meetings of members of the free web in Europe. For practical reasons, "the free web" means the RedMatrix, Friendica, and Diaspora here, because others can't join/read the forum. This is about meeting in Europe, but that doesn't mean people from other continents are not allowed to join. If you're from somewhere else, you're still invited to come to a meeting, and you're also allowed to just read about what we're doing, of course.
Description: Ideas for and from children and parents!
Keywords: #Cat, #Feline, #Cats, #Felines
About: Forum for those who live with a feline friend or twelve.
About: Icinga is an open source network monitoring software. This is both a forum for users and a "missing manual" for people that need some extra help getting it up and running. I am not affiliated with the project, but just a user that struggled, and wants to help others.
About: Collected articles about the ancient Maya civilization.
Description: Pantherinae, Felinae, Cats
Location: Germany
About: Warum kein Facebook/Twitter/Strava/wasauchimmersonst? Darum.
Keywords: hubmin, admin, hubzilla
About: Hubmin Channel of
Description: Un alter ego
Location: Tarragona, España
Hometown: Barcelona
Location: Virginia, USA
Hometown: Eastern Shore of Virginia
Keywords: running, cycling, fitness, ocr
Location: Accomac, Virginia, USA
Hometown: Eastern Shore of Virginia
About: The Run For The Animals is a charity event to benefit animals on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.
Description: Public Forum for Barefoot & Minimalist Running
About: Public forum for all issues related to barefoot and minimalist running.
Description: Where beginner chess palyers can practice and (try to) learn
Keywords: Chess, games, and, discussions
Description: Just an electronic engineer passionate about technology, free software and open standards.
Age: 48
About: Just an electronic engineer passionate about technology, free software and open standards.
Description: Mie Eiaculazioni Musicali
Location: brasitalia
Keywords: musica, music, musik
Description: Soylent meal replacement
Age: 7
Keywords: soylent, food
About: This channel is about me and Soylent... Soylent is a powdered meal replacement product, advertised as a "staple meal" that meets all nutritional requirements for an average adult. It was created by software engineer Rob Rhinehart as a self-experiment in nutrition and is now marketed and sold by Rosa Labs. Soylent has undergone 4 reformulations since release and dedicates space to DIY recipes created by the online community. As of 2015 there is no published scientific evidence on the risks or benefits of Soylent itself but all ingredients in the product are generally recognized as safe by the United States FDA. Source:
Description: Slackware users
Age: 28
Keywords: slackware, linux
Location: Köln
Description: Der Affe für alles
Location: (Netzwerk-)Käfig 8, Niedersachsen
Hometown: Braunschweig
About: Ich bin nicht schwindelfrei und von Bananen wird mir schlecht
Description: Stuff about being on JoCo Cruise 2016
About: A secondary channel for Marshall Sutherland
Location: Im sonnigen Rheinland, Germany
About: Dies ist ein Lauf(B)Log. Und hier gehts wirklich nur ums Laufen aus meiner Sicht. Was mich zum Laufen antreibt und alles was so dazu gehört. Alle hier geschriebenen Beiträge erscheinen gleichzeitig auf meiner Wordpress Version dieses Blogs. Wer also ein Wordpress Account hat, kann ganz einfach "dort drüben" kommentieren, sowohl Beiträge als auch Kommentare werden synchronisiert.
Description: Forum für deutschsprachige Nutzer der Red-Matrix
Location: Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz, Luxemburg, Liechtenstein und andere
About: Ein Forum für alle, die deutsch sprechen oder Deutsch lernen wollen.