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About: SysAdmin & Certified TYPO3 Integrator
Description: Diverses aus der digitalen Welt
About: Ein Blog über alles, was mir so begegnet.
About: This is a place for me to share information about music I like.

Note: This is not a group.
Description: archivio dei lavori di creazione della seconda pelle
Description: Cavaleiro que diz Ni!
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About: Ni!

If you don't see the fnords... they won't eat you.

Science, not unlike some other human endeavours, depends on an inherently collective effort, which must carefully balance collaboration and competition. As such, it is indissociable from its communication, and will share its fate: a science which cannot be shared, cannot be.


About: This is a place for people to discuss comics.
Description: Bruce Lee Fans
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Description: music music music
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Description: Special Interest Forum @ My.Federated.Social
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About: Random links and posts related to Jake's journey into the wonderful realm of Single Board Computers, the Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone Black specifically.
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Homepage: xiku.wordpress.com
About: «Lo importante no es lo que han hecho de nosotros, sino lo que hacemos con lo que han hecho de nosotros» Jean-Paul Sartre (1905 - 1980), filósofo y escritor francés.
Age: 44
Hometown: Пловдив
About: I am fruitarian: I eat fruit and seeds of plants, including nuts, and also potatoes, as these may reproduce their kind and are given away to the environment; from the fruits I only eat the pulp.

I am aspiring to polyamorous tribal living in the abundant tropical nature with other people alike.

While in civilization, I profess writing out and reading text in a zigzag manner from the bottom up, as I feel and consider this method close to the natural behavior of humans: http://zigzagup.net
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Description: Free Open Source Web
About: We need more Free Open Source Web ! Group for #fosw lovers : Diaspora -Friendica - RedMatrix - GnuSocial - Libertree ... .. .. ........
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Description: TEA Group
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About: This is a place for discussions about databases, and related topics.
The avatar was created by Anton Outkine from the Noun Project.


About: Writing, escritura, libros, books, Palestine, Palestina, bicis, bikes, biking, bicicleta
Description: Canal para redifundir información de Medios Libres.
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Hometown: São Paulo
Keywords: pesquisa, mboi, mirim
About: O grupo reúne pesquisadores atuando na região do M'boi Mirim, seja por tê-la como tema de pesquisa ou local de ação.

Seus objetivos incluem promover sinergia entre as pesquisas, como entre pesquisadores, para o seu aprimoramento; desenvolver a articulação intelectual da região do M'boi Mirim e garantir a participação e usufruto local nas pesquisas; estimular pessoas e organizações da região a desenvolver e colaborar em atividades de produção e aplicação desse conhecimento.

O fórum tem no Hospital Municipal do M'boi Mirim uma de suas bases territoriais.


Description: Cool pages from around the Matrix
About: Pages are under used on the Matrix. Point us to the cool ones, the interesting ones. Tell us how you built them.
Description: Forum/gruppo per italiani ;-)
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About: Gruppo per riunire italiani  dentro la RedMatrix
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Homepage: https://mgj.co
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About: I am just a guy.
Description: Le notizie di Survival International