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About: #LesbiaNRx philosopher-queen : Wielder of black magick from deep space : Nightmare bitch-goddess of the coming trans supremacy : Self-medicating shitposter

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🦇 Pronouns: she/her

Description: Yukiverse
About: To keep things manageable and simple, visit my public profile here: https://jcsesecuneta.com/profile/
Description: 🇪🇸 🅵🅴🆁
Location: ♔ El Mundo ®, ♔ El Mundo ®
Hometown: ♔ El Mundo ®
Description: 秋冬春夏(しゅうどうはるか)と申します♪
Description: ただの鉄道やゲームやPCやロイドなどが好きな奴です @東上線沿線民 (池袋急行と言っても西武池袋線ではなく東武東上線です)
Description: 焦油xzf tor-;cd tor- /配置&make
Description: よろしくお願いします
Description: はじめまして、旧zeriaです。
Description: ポケモンマスターです
Description: テキトーなあれ
Age: 35
Description: 'If you stay in a place like this. . . you might not be able to connect.'
Location: भारत | Bharat
Keywords: india, भारत
About: Hi. I'm a guy from India who's interested in cultures, interaction, good food, having a good time, and many other things.

Likes:  Beer, subtitled films, reading, running, giving surprises, all kinds of music, women, foss, photography, and the mundanities of other people's lives.

Dislikes: Fundamentalists, feminazis, organised religion, bitter gourd, bhai fans, and Chinese phones.

Some of my favourite. . .

Books: Swami and Friends, The Contortionist's Handbook, After the Quake. . .

Manga: Ichi The Killer, Yunagi no machi Sakura no kuni, Blame!. . .

Authors/Mangaka: Charles Bukowski, Natsuo Kirino, Hideo Yamamoto. . .

Films: Udaan, The Motorcycle Diaries, Wandafuru Raifu, Blade Runner 2049. . .

Music: Animals as Leaders, Zeb Bangash, Avicii. . .

Anime: Texhnolyze, Barakamon, Beck - Mongolian Chop Squad. . .

Audio Drama: Wolf 359, We're Alive. . .

Photographers: Daido Moriyama, Vivian Maier, Martin Parr. . .
Description: just a victim of society and all its games
Location: Netherlands
About: activism ☆ anarchism ☆ journalism ☆ politics ☆ human rights ☆ tech ☆ 🐧 ☆ free culture ☆ science ☆ ⛅ ☆ scifi ☆ 🎧 ☆ prn ☆ asd ☆ nb
Location: Ареал обитания щуки
Description: просто я
Location: russia
About: анархия - мать порядка!
Age: 44
Hometown: Пловдив
About: I am fruitarian: I eat fruit and seeds of plants, including nuts, and also potatoes, as these may reproduce their kind and are given away to the environment; from the fruits I only eat the pulp.

I am aspiring to polyamorous tribal living in the abundant tropical nature with other people alike.

While in civilization, I profess writing out and reading text in a zigzag manner from the bottom up, as I feel and consider this method close to the natural behavior of humans: http://zigzagup.net
Description: Думай, анализируй, развивайся
Hometown: Севастополь
About: живу здесь и сейчас