Description: Spanish voice over from
Location: Республика Башкортостан, Россия
Location: Milky Way Galaxy, Planet Earth
Keywords: admin, administrator
About: I like long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners, and collecting 100 NAZI SCALPS



Or you will die trying.
Description: Diario de Argifonte
Location: Zotlandia
Hometown: Un lugar llamado Tierra
About: Lector entrelíneas, observador de detalles, creando mi criterio ... en construcción.
Solía poner en la biografía que soy una persona curiosa pero ese comentario me producía mucha curiosidad. ¿Qué querré decir?
Description: Retired
Age: 70
Location: Liguria, Italia
Hometown: Bordighera (IM)
About: Pensionato di Bordighera (IM), Liguria, Italy. Blogger ( Fotoamatore. Divulgatore (
Description: Diario de argifonte.
Location: Andalucía, España
Hometown: Un lugar llamado Tierra. En alguna parte de su cascarón.
About: Me interesa casi todo. No me gustan las clasificaciones ya que reducen las posibilidades de conocerme. No es por mi, es por ti. ;-)
La ignorancia produce risa o desprecio, razón por la cual animo a todo el mundo a buscar el significado de cada término, adjetivo o etiqueta empleada para calificar a alguien. Decir que "para mi esa palabra significa..." simplemente es un absurdo. Si los términos empleados sólo se apoya en la ignorancia mejor ni me leas.
No sé mucho pero la mejor forma de aprender sobre algo es escribir sobre ese tema.
Description: Production Engineer
Location: Illinois
Hometown: Hoffman Estates
About: I am the designer and the CEO, and currently the only process supervisor behind the Factory 4.0 Open Initiative, LLC (FourOh-LLC).

. . . My platform is Virtualmin on Virtual Private Servers from AWS, GCE, Linode. I build with standard UNIX servers and services such as BIND, OpenLDAP, LAMP. My productivity stack is implemented for pilots, or for staging migrations to service providers. I use simplified frameworks such as web forms on Joomla with Fabrik that are 100% free of licensing cost and restrictions.

. . . Large part of Industry 4.0 (called "fouroh") is to maximize the use of data from all available sources, which includes automated equipment on the production floor, component data published by the manufacturers, and qualifiers such as environmental regulations and life-cycle management. FourOh-LLC, as part of Industry 4.0 is to lead the way for all those who are NOT able to afford even the fundamental fouroh advancements, not to mention enterprise-level services. Businesses still managing operations via spreadsheets, paper forms and tribal knowledge are going to be provided the resources to digitize on a budget, with incremental change - instead of paying the full price and reinvent their business model whole-sale.

* * * FourOh-LLC helps small manufacturers to transfer tribal knowledge, spreadsheets and paper forms into an enterprise-ready database. The LLC publishes the specifications to an enterprise-class infrastructure and web forms free-of-monetary-cost. Based on those specifications local experts in your area, who form their own Factory 4.0 Open Initiative chapters, may help you to begin digitizing your business infrastructure. * * *

You are invited to discuss your own business needs as a Factory 4.0 Open Initiative client - or to discuss the process of becoming a service provider in your area, forming a local chapter. This web is part of the Hubzilla global grid, a de-centralized and federated social network with extensive privacy support. It is currently the best alternative for business intranets and extranets where participants and allowed content types are regulated by you, the server owner - and where all your data belongs to you and remains with you.
Description: Tour Operator and Travel Agent
Age: 45
Location: Delhi, India
Hometown: Cochin
About: ​I organize package & customized tours to all popular destinations in India​, Nepal, Bhutan & Srilanka ​ for leisure, photography, educational tours
Description: placas antivibratorias
Age: 23
Location: ciudad de mexico, mexico df, mexico
Keywords: placas, antivibratorias
About: estudiante de veterinaria, me gustan los perros, tengo 2 lobos, me gusta decorar
Location: Netherlands
Hometown: Katwijk
Description: Ägare/IT-Tekniker/Webdesigner
Age: 34
Location: Blekinge, Sweden
Hometown: Karlskrona
Description: Philadelphia Bicycle Accident Attorney
About: Philadelphia bicycle accident attorney, Greg Prosmushkin is the founder of The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C.. He has nearly 20 years of legal experience. The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C., provides intelligent, cost-effective representation for individual and business clients throughout Pennsylvania.
Description: Group
Location: United States
About: Discussion group for pioneers and enthusiasts of the decentralized web. Common interests include P2P wireless mesh infrastructure and P2P protocols such as
Description: Information about aspiring and inspiring Industry 4.0 entities
Location: Illinois
Hometown: Hoffman Estates
About: This is a clearing house of places, people, things and concepts about Industry 4.0
Description: Member Pickwick Club and Cultural Detective
Location: WA
Hometown: Spokane
About: Espresso: Iced americano, no room. Martini: Gin, very dry with a twist. Steak: Medium rare. Pineapple on pizza. Grey hair is sexy. Mr Toad. Bardolator. #Year53

Member of the Pickwick Club, Cultural Detective, Noted Pedestrian, Voracious Reader, Thrift Privateer, Curious Antiquary, Ginmaster General
Description: John H's Interests
Age: 71
Location: Pennsylvania, US
Hometown: Lebanon
About: Retired state worker, retired National Guard, Vietnam veteran
Age: 54
Location: NRW, Deutschland
Hometown: Bonn
About: Auf der Flucht vor dem alten Internet tagträumend über alte Fragmente von Friendica gestolpert, den Spuren folgend einige Nächte vor dem Rechner gehockt, bin ich nun hier angekommen. Irgendwohin wird auch dieser Weg führen, mich ein Stück mitnehmen.
Description: Writer, student, directory essay writing service
Age: 25
Age: 45
Location: Ontario, Canada
Hometown: Newmarket
Keywords: Photography, art, history
About: Earer of lost souls
Description: navego en los abismos de las tecnologías digitales utilizando software libre :)
Keywords: blog, softwarelibre, tor
Description: "We did it, not because it was easy... but because we thought it would be easy." Just a bloke who's into stuff.
Location: Christchurch, New Zealand
Hometown: Montclair, NJ, USA
About: I spend a lot of time experiencing, enjoying, reflecting, self-correcting, making the most of every day. I've got too many enthusiasms to describe.
Description: Writer, student
Age: 25
About: I am a student, I always work, I always study. I know how hard it is to combine everything, I will tell you a secret how to make your life easier.
Description: Writer
Age: 26
About: I am fond of drawing, photography and writing, I like to watch people, walk in the fresh air
Description: Writer
Age: 25
About: I want a lot of friends, write to me. I love to travel, all the bright events I write on my blog.
Description: Linux tester
Age: 28
Location: Bashkortostan, Russia
Hometown: Ufa
Keywords: Linux, game, history
About: Рад общению и новым знакомствам.
Description: We provide you the best programming courses or tutorials recommended by experts.
Age: 21
About: We provide you the best programming courses or tutorials recommended by experts.
Description: Send Rakhi To Australia From USA
Age: 34
Location: NSW, Australia
Hometown: Westmead
About: On the occasion of Rakhi that carries a totally different feeling. On the festival of Rakhi, the market gets flooded with a number of the various variety of heart taking Rakhi and different types of gifts. At that time customer come across many online websites that allows sending attractive Rakhi within minutes around the world. Sisters send Rakhi to Australia from the USA, to brother staying abroad. By sending beautiful Rakhi gifts to brothers staying far off strengthen the love bond which is shared by them.
Description: developer
Age: 26
Location: Dubai, UAE
Hometown: Dubai
Description: developer
Location: Dubai, UAE
Hometown: lahore
Description: developer
Age: 26
Location: Dubai, UAE
Hometown: Dubai
Age: 50
Location: OWL, Deutschland
Hometown: Oerlinghausen
About: Auf dem Weg zur Erkenntnis wie das Leben funktioniert.
Description: Artist, writer, developer and architect
Age: 35
Location: Wien, Österreich
Hometown: Wien
About: Thinking the world as a stage in which real and imaginary phenomena perform as abstract characters allows us to be the architects of our theatres of perception. It means to participate in the writing of the stories that we are experiencing when reading books, newspapers and other people’s expressions.
Age: 39
Location: Seattle, Washington, USA
Hometown: Midwesterly
About: Write grants and do content stategy for arts organizations by day, make horrific noise by night.
Description: Professional nerd, writes in Dutch and English. Can read some German, French and Spanish too.
Location: Netherlands
Description: My weird little place in the land of Hubzilla
Location: Canada
About: I am Canadian, we have attack geese so best not to mess with us. I also like craft beer and cigarettes, both which I am trying to quit so it's likely I'm cranky atm due to not imbibing in my true loves. I play a number of videogames, super fond of virtual worlds, and games like Staxel and GardenPaws. I love nature - looking at it mostly, I suck at gardening and am afraid of being eaten by bears. Like watching streamed or internet media and other things probably also.
Age: 27
Location: Hawaii
Description: Anything About the GTA
Location: Ontario, Canada 🍁
Hometown: Toronto
About: The Centre & Capital of Canada
Location: the Netherlands
Description: Virtual Worlds meeting point @ Hubzilla
Age: 1
Location: Fediverse, Hubzilla
About: Gather the Google+ users of the Virtual Worlds
Description: Classic Rock Lover
Keywords: rock, classicrock, stories
About: Stories Songs Polls Comments about the real music we grew up on
Description: Pastor Dent
Location: Standish, 48658, USA
Description: En este perfil expondré reflexiones entradas de blog y noticias.
Location: Zotlandia
Hometown: La Tierra
About: Me considero muy curioso con poco tiempo.
Description: Diario de Argifonte
About: Me interesa casi todo. No me gustan las clasificaciones ya que reducen las posibilidades de conocerme. No es por mi, es por ti. No es arrogancia sino la realidad. Para mi una palabra tiene un sentido, por lo general suele coincidir con el del diccionario. En ocasiones suelo ver discusiones provocadas no por los hechos sino por los significados propios dados, por cada uno, a las palabras de los demás.

Dicen que la ignorancia produce risa o desprecio. Lo cierto es que no sé mucho pero la mejor forma de aprender sobre algo es escribir sobre ese tema.

Este canal de Hubzilla se trata de una forma de agrupar las publicaciones, tanto del blog "Diario de Argifonte" como otras vías en los que publico vídeos, audio y hasta publicaciones del blog de mis peques "Imaginación y más allá".
Description: Still clinging to the internet's idealistic dream of constructive engagement and discourse with friends, strangers, and robots around the world and sometimes on Mars.
Location: Somewhere., Depends on the VPN or Tor exit node
Hometown: 15 meters away from a campus
Description: Travel, motorbikes, free software and random stuff...
Location: Reading, UK
Description: Bs As > Montevideo
Location: Uruguay
Hometown: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Description: A regular person that likes #fashion, #fountainpens, and #shoujo #manga. Will talk about cartoons if provoked. 🇮🇪 🍰 💜
Location: USA
About: I'm in my early 30s and originally from #Ireland but now in the USA. A civil engineer by day and a sleeper at night.

I like #fashion, #shoujo anime & manga, #animation, #FOSS, and #solitude.