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About: I Borish John as a technical instructor. for Brother printer and their setup peripherals using Windows, Mac, Android system.
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Description: Pagan Community in New England
Location: NH, United States
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Description: "We did it, not because it was easy... but because we thought it would be easy." Just a bloke who's into stuff.
Location: Christchurch, New Zealand
Hometown: Montclair, NJ, USA
About: I spend a lot of time experiencing, enjoying, reflecting, self-correcting, making the most of every day. I've got too many enthusiasms to describe.
Description: Entdecke und praktiziere Philosophie im Treffpunkt la bonne heure | Discover and practice philosophy at the meeting point la bonne heure
Location: Basel, Schweiz
About: Discover and practice philosophy in a small group with a given topic in advance at la bonne heure. OffersNewsSchedule
Location: Germany
Hometown: Wyk
Location: Deutschland
Hometown: Recklinghausen
Description: Lerne die Kultur des Grüntee-Trinkens im la bonne heure kennen | Learn about green tea at la bonne heure
Location: Basel, Schweiz
About: Discover the culture of preparing and drinking green tea and the philosophy of tea in the cozy atmosphere of our tea degustations at la bonne heure. If you want, you can buy green tea and tea things from us. OffersNewsSchedule
Description: Werkstätten und Lernstätten in Basel | Working studios for creation and learning in Basel
Location: Basel, Schweiz
About: la bonne heure are rentable public spaces to be used for informal meetings, courses, workshops, learning groups, one-to-one lessons, trainings, exhibitions and performances which are ralated to the fields of culture, education, art, cuisine and open source technology.
Description: For New Hampshire Asatru seekers and Norse heathenry
Location: New Hampshire
Description: Artist, writer, developer and architect
Age: 37
Location: Wien, Österreich
Hometown: Wien
About: Thinking the world as a stage in which real and imaginary phenomena perform as abstract characters allows us to be the architects of our theatres of perception. It means to participate in the writing of the stories that we are experiencing when reading books, newspapers and other people’s expressions.
Age: 40
Location: Seattle, Washington, USA
Hometown: Midwesterly
About: Write grants and do content stategy for arts organizations by day, make horrific noise by night.
Description: Benjamin Pearson
Location: Arkansas, United States of America
Hometown: Little Rock
Description: Christianity, Science, Education and Service
Age: 45
Location: Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil
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Description: Bin noch am herumexperimentieren mit Hubzilla/Diaspora/Friendica. Also keine Ahnung ob dieser Account bestehen bleiben wird.
Age: 32
Location: Germany
Description: agender vegan atheist punk trekkie / ❤️nature biology food health music / new:
Location: Niedersachsen / Lower Saxony, Deutschland / Germany
Hometown: North Sea Coast
About: observer, seeker, inquirer, doubter / lover of listening, empathy, compassion, aid, socialism... and self-questioning (a querying or doubting of one's own beliefs, motives, etc.) / fighting against racism, sexism, fascism, xenophobia, exploitation, ecocide... and my dark side too, of course
Location: the Netherlands
Age: 57
Location: Hessen, Deutschland
Hometown: Rüsselsheim
About: English translation below. Interesse an Wein und allen technischen Dingen. Weltoffen, liberal, antifaschistisch... Arbeite seit 28 Jahren in der IT in verschiedenen leitenden Positionen, seit 22 Jahren bei einem Finanzdienstleister in Frankfurt tätig. Aktuell betraut mit der technischen Koordination der Migration zu Microsoft Office 365 Interest in wine and all technical things. Open-minded, liberal, antifascist... Worked for 28 years in the IT in different leading positions, for 22 years with a financial service provider in Frankfurt. Currently in charge of the technical coordination of the migration to Microsoft Office 365.
Location: Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland
About: Hi, I'm a antigerman communist from germany. I don't know if Hubzilla has any use for me, but I'm curious to find it out.
Age: 32
Location: Transnistria
Hometown: Heidelberg
Description: DIsroot Community Forum
About: Disroot is a platform providing online services based on principles of freedom, privacy, federation and decentralization. **No tracking, no ads, no profiling, no data mining!**
Location: Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany
About: Inter-discipline geek from northern Germany.
Description: Testzugang, der wahrscheinlich eher selten benutzt wird ...
Hometown: Galactic Sector ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha
About: Free software user, member of the Document Foundation, LibreOffice UI/help translator, CreativeCommons music from and other places
About: Wir sind eine Gruppe von MINT-Interessierten und wir treffen uns monatlich für ein paar Bierchen und gemeinsames Philosophieren und Austauschen über MINT-Themen. Willkommen ist jeder, der/die/das Spaß an (natur-)wissenschaftlichen Sachthemen hat oder sich zumindest nicht von der Themenwahl abschrecken lässt. Unser Stammtisch trifft sich einmal im Monat, abwechselnd in Erlangen und Nürnberg. Thomas stellt meist Bücher vor, die er gelesen hat. Natürlich dürfen das auch alle anderen Gäste :)
Location: California, US
About: If you have to ask, you'll never know.
Description: Pantherinae, Felinae, Cats
Description: Ideas for and from children and parents!
Description: Forum to organize meetings in Europe
Location: Europe
About: This forum is dedicated to discussing and planning personal meetings of members of the free web in Europe. For practical reasons, "the free web" means the RedMatrix, Friendica, and Diaspora here, because others can't join/read the forum. This is about meeting in Europe, but that doesn't mean people from other continents are not allowed to join. If you're from somewhere else, you're still invited to come to a meeting, and you're also allowed to just read about what we're doing, of course.