Description: Asia's 1st Microbiome & Genetic Testing Organization
Location: Bangalore, Karnataka, India
About: Bione; a key player of direct to consumer genetic and microbiome testing launched various tests like MyMicrobiome, gene check, LongiFit and longevity plus test. Each of these tests will make you able to explore your better health opportunities ahead. We are using the latest NGS, WGS and BioneArrayCyto 750K methods to provide you reliable health test results. All of these tests are designed to give you personalised diet and nutritional counselling by our geneticists.
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About: A hoverboard, also known as an e-scooter, electric skateboard or self-balance board, is an electronically operated board, which was first used in a similar form in the science fiction comedy film by director Robert Zemeckis from the year 1989 "Back to the Future II" was shown as a means of transportation. The hoverboards in the film, however, hover a few centimeters above the ground.
Description: Vajiram and Ravi: Best IAS and UPSC coaching institute in Delhi
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About: Vairam & Ravi is one of India’s leading institutes for Civil Services examination preparation. The institute prepares students for all the three levels of exams – Preliminary, Mains and Personal Interview. The handpicked faculties at Vajiram & Ravi include highly qualified teachers from the Central Universities and other reputed institutes in India. Our sole objective is to prepare students for different civil services exams and help them in their goal achievement.
Description: Elite RF LLC
Location: Hoffman Estates, IL, Illinios, USA
About: Founded in 2014, Elite RF LLC is a leading manufacturer of RF amplifier solutions worldwide. We work with the Military, Aerospace, Universities, Medical, Telecommunications, and many providing off the shelf and custom RF solutions. In addition to RF amplifier and Low Noise Amplifiers, we provide reference informatin to assist you in amplifiers like eirp calculator, stripline impedance calculator, rf free space path loss calculator, free space path loss calculator, stripline calculator, pi attenuator calculator, path loss calculator, microstrip impedance calculator, free space path loss, and other rf calculators. Give us call today and let us assist you with your project.
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