Location: NRW, Deutschland
Hometown: Zuhause
Location: Austria
Homepage: https://aksel.at/
About: On business I learned automation technology, worked as service technician, as support engineer for a networkmanagementsoftware and many small jobs. In private I am broadly interested: IT (LInux, FOSS, decentral networks), psychologics (relationships, social behavior, education, leading), spiritualism (shamanism, buddhism, nature spirits, healing), ubuntu movement, breatherianism, living on light,
Location: NRW, Deutschland
Location: NRW, Deutschland
Age: 54
Location: Indiana, Pennsylvania, USA
Homepage: https://gregstoltz.com/
Keywords: Jesus, faith, open, source, privacy
Description: Professional Photographer & Photo Editor
Location: New York, United States
Hometown: New York
Homepage: https://www.offshoreclippingpath.com/outsourcing-photo-editing-services/
About: Hi there! This is Joseph, Nearly 27 years. Professional photo editor, photographer & blogger. I especially love to capture photos & play with photoshop. I make my career as a professional photographer as well as photo editor. My best city & working place is New York. Now I’m working in a photo editing house on an offshore clipping path. You can check out my professional blog about how much I’ve designed expertise. Thanks for watching my wall and wish me luck.
Description: Medical Data Entry Service Provider At low cost
Location: Illinois, United States
Hometown: Chicago
Homepage: https://www.alliedglobalconsulting.com
About: At Allied Global consulting, we focus on expediting patient care by unburdening your teams from processing physical records. We streamline your data and record management duties by quickly digitizing clinical data into the electronic format of your choice. This will speed up billing, claims filing, and tracking patient encounters on the go. Sparing your medical professionals from administrative hassles can make you a committed medical data entry service provider in a true sense.
Homepage: https://www.totalassignmenthelp.com/human-resource-assignment-help
About: I am an academic writer and have done my PhD. in psychology. In addition to working as an online counsellor for last 8 years, I provide psychology assignment help to college and university students around the world in collaboration with Total Assignment Help.
Location: Meppel, Nederland
About: Information Security and Identity & Access Control
Description: Enjoy the latest news from the informatics world.
Description: Open source for a better future
Location: Berlin, Germany
Hometown: earth
About: Technical interested, art loving, vegan living, food designing, animal friendly, device flashing, party seeking nerd with a way to long todo list
Description: bavarias best badde
Location: Bayern, Deutschland
Description: Pationné par le logiciel libre et open source, les réseaux sociaux décentralisés, l'auto-hébergement...
Location: Grand-Est, France
Hometown: Troyes
Homepage: https://tricassinux.org
About: Retraité, j'ai initié un GUL sur Troyes et l'Aube-en-Champagne : Tricassinux (.org)
Location: Canada
About: Photographer
Description: conta para respaldar as demáis
Location: Galiza
Homepage: http://xmgz.eu
Description: Support Forum
Homepage: https://odat.xyz
About: This is the community support forum for all things about Odat. Everyone is welcome to join, ask and help
Description: Opennet mirror
Location: Russia
Homepage: https://www.opennet.ru
About: не официальное зеркало https://www.opennet.ru в федиверс
Description: Die Antwort ist immer42. Warum das so ist? Frag deine Eltern ;)
Homepage: https://node.loma.ml/
Description: Information Overlord
Location: Europe
Homepage: https://www.KetilXV.me/
About: Focus: "Information Overload" mitigation (development, configuration and best-practise usage of methods, tools and solutions).
Description: Content Manager
Location: Europe
Homepage: https://www.KetilXV.me/
About: This is my CM "hat" / "nomadic identity" channel. You can find a list of my other public XV channels / hats / roles on my home page. I chose to use Hubzilla for its fenomenal nomadic identity feature in order to help both me and YOU to separate content topically into various such channels, so that we can consume the information we are interested in within some context, and not be forced to filter through a lot of contextually irrelevant stuff.
Location: Germany
Hometown: Frankfurt am Main
Homepage: https://axel-duerkop.de
Description: Group
Location: United States
About: Discussion group for pioneers and enthusiasts of the decentralized web. Common interests include P2P wireless mesh infrastructure and P2P protocols such as
Description: If "ESR" means anything to you, I'm that guy.
Age: 63
Location: PA, United States
Hometown: Malvern
Homepage: http://www,catb,org/~esr
Keywords: open-source
Location: Hessen, Germany
Hometown: Frankfurt
Location: Catalunya does NOT want to be Spain, Freedom for Catalonia
Hometown: Nomad
Homepage: https://personal.calbasi.net/
About: Al fons, a l'esquerra, quan no, a la Lluna de València
Location: Norway
Description: Monero XMR enthusiast from Ukraine. 🔑PGP: 0x9ADC3EA7🔑. Welcome to the biggest local Monero coummunity: https://XMR.RU
Homepage: https://xmr.ru/
Location: Bayern, Deutschland
Hometown: 87616
About: Wer meint dass man was ist hat aufgehört was zu werden - Sokrates
Description: Professional nerd and grammar nazi, writes in Dutch and English. Can read some German, French and Spanish too. Learning русский.
Location: Netherlands
Description: Huge and happy blue bird
Age: 29
About: I'm a javascript software developer, owner of 6 cockatiels and a cat, guitar player, long-skate-boarder wannabe and just a curious person.
Description: Ген директор. Разрабатываем ПО на заказ.
Location: Москва, Россия
Homepage: https://www.simplex-software.ru
Age: 2
Location: Lazio, Italia
Hometown: Roma
Homepage: http://alfredodesantis.altervista.org
Description: hub.eenoog.org admin
Age: 43
Location: NRW, Deutschland
Hometown: Zuhause
Description: Python coder
Location: Rome, Italy
Homepage: http://www.ya2.it
About: Game developer. Python lover. Panda3D enthusiast. Linux fan.
Description: Feel free to contact me!
Age: 58
Location: Russia / Россия
Hometown: Saint-Peterburg / СПб
Homepage: flickr.com/photos/kanyck
Description: Android dev, interested in art, programming and everything in between... Lang: 🇭🇺 🇬🇧 🇷🇴
Location: Transylvania, Romania
About: Android/Java developer, interested in art, programming and everything in between... |Interests| = ℵ₀ [Admin of social.cofe.space] Matrix: @tibike_m:matrix.org Languages: 🇭🇺 🇬🇧 🇷🇴
Description: FreeGameDev.net Admin
Homepage: https://freegamedev.net
About: Open source game development community moderator & occasional blogger.
Location: Toulouse, France
Homepage: https://lascapi.fr/
Description: Old account
Location: Western Cape, South Africa
Hometown: Cape Town
Homepage: https://gadgeteer.co.za
Description: CT³O
Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand
Homepage: https://www.jedi.asia
About: Technology, Training, Troubleshooting in rural northern Thailand
Description: Obsessed with #POWER9 and open hardware. All hail #TalosII! #OpenPOWER #PowerPC #PPC
Description: Group/forum about Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects
About: Group/forum about Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects. These items are posted automatically via https://botsin.space/@wikipedia (Mastodon): • On this day (English Wikipedia) • Picture of the day (Wikimedia Commons) • Featured article of the day (English Wikipedia) • Wikimedia Foundation blog Please !mention this forum if you post a link to an Wikipedia article, so other people can enjoy too.
Location: Montréal, Canada
Description: Un alter ego
Location: Tarragona, España
Hometown: Barcelona