Description: father and husband who likes being in the rain
About: following Christ, distance-running without shoes, relocating to rural thailand to serve the people, reading, teaching english, trading forex
Description: I Do Run, but anything outdoors serves me well. Health and sport on this channel
Location: Galiza
About: para conectar con xente relacionada co deporte, saúde, alimentación,etc. Health, fitness, sport, running, trailrunning, food, etc.
Location: British Columbia, Canada
About: Into completely non technical philosophies :)
Presently trying to make sense of start.hubzilla
Think I have to find the Hubzilla for Dummies book
Description: admin
Age: 41
Description: Web programmer
Location: Netherlands
Description: Developer
Location: Western Australia, Australia
Hometown: Perth
About: Things and stuff
Location: USA
About: I speak 4 languages, English, clearly, being one;
Falo quatro idiomas, e o português também sendo um deles.
Hablo cuatro idiomas, el español también siendo dentro da lista.
Je parle quatre langues, et maintenant, vous savez tous les quatre.
Description: My fitness activities
About: I'm diabetic and have cancer, but I'm fighting for my life with all I've got...this channel will log my fitness activities.
About: Dies ist ein Lauf(B)Log.

Und hier gehts wirklich nur ums Laufen aus meiner Sicht. Was mich zum Laufen antreibt und alles was so dazu gehört.

Alle hier geschriebenen Beiträge erscheinen gleichzeitig auf meiner Wordpress Version dieses Blogs. Wer also ein Wordpress Account hat, kann ganz einfach "dort drüben" kommentieren, sowohl Beiträge als auch Kommentare werden synchronisiert.
Description: Public Forum for Barefoot & Minimalist Running
About: Public forum for all issues related to barefoot and minimalist running.
Location: Accomac, Virginia, USA
Hometown: Eastern Shore of Virginia
About: The Run For The Animals is a charity event to benefit animals
on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.
Location: Virginia, USA
Hometown: Eastern Shore of Virginia
Keywords: running, cycling, fitness, ocr
Location: Germany
About: Warum kein Facebook/Google+/Strava/wasauchimmersonst?
Description: extra channel for Taz, b/c his theme hosed site functionality on my.fed.soc
Keywords: debian, gnu, linux, running, cycling
About: translator, hobby hacker-wannabe, artist, musician, runner, cyclist, anarchist, gardner, sk8r