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Description: magazin/records
Location: Bayern, Deutschland
Location: Weserbergland & California, Germany & USA
Keywords: music, rock, guitar
About: The new duo of Alan Graham & Jim Sawyers, both formerly of Bogus Thunder / The Other Side.
Description: Combined Thoughts of George Perfect
Location: Charente-Maritime, France
About: Computing guru, entrepreneur, photographer, music lover, driver, pilot, traveller ... and disabled electric wheelchair user
Location: Suramerica, Locombia
About: Sapere aude.
Location: Australia
About: new no new age advanced ambient motor music machine
Location: Schwäbisch, Deutschland
Hometown: Augsburg
About: Komme aus dem Google Land und bin jetzt Heimatlos 😆
Description: Classic Rock Lover
Keywords: rock, classicrock, stories
About: Stories Songs Polls Comments about the real music we grew up on
Location: Casa Mia
Keywords: rock, jazz, peace, love, foss
About: just for my not zot connections in the federation,

I'm using #hubzilla .
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About: Infosec professional, the profession is my hobby.
Description: Giac lo SquartaZuckerberg
About: Italian in Brazilian-land
Age: 53
Keywords: rock, progressive
Description: music music music