Description: Writer and developer of mathematical analysis of rhetoric
Age: 34
Location: Wien, Österreich
Hometown: Wien
About: Martin Ritzinger has finished the studies of Architecture at the TU Vienna. Since spring 2017, Martin pursues code-based studies of masterpieces of Mathematics, Rhetoric and Narration within the research group of Digital Gnomonics which is a cooperation between TU Vienna (ATTP) and ETH Zurich (CAAD).
Description: I write books sometimes.
Keywords: linux, writing, poetry
Description: Writer & Journalist (staff reporter @ "stern"-magazine, a German weekly)
Location: Germany
Hometown: Hamburg
Description: The last True Believer, doomed to a quixotic quest to defend the Enlightenment, Cultural Detective, Curious Antiquary, Noted Pedestrian, Voracious Reader, Thrift Privateer, Pluviophile, Eleut
Location: WA, USA
Hometown: Seattle WA USA
About: Cultural Detective, Amateur Lexicographer, Curious Antiquary, Noted Pedestrian, CGO-WWW (retired), Voracious Reader, Thrift Privateer, Free (as in Freedom) Software Advocate, Lord Warden of the Parlementum Servers, Pluviophile, Eleutheromaniac
Location: London, UK
Hometown: London
Description: Lover of commas, semicolons; hater of exclamation marks. Posts in English and Português.
Location: SP, Brazil
About: * Main objective: moving people closer to the Almighty Creator God named I-AM who reveals himself and his benevolent purpose in the Bible.

* Brazil has been home for 30+ years. Empty-nesters, home office, getting down to essentials.

* Writing, editing, and publishing occupy a major portion of time.