Description: Surviving leukemia since 2001. I was grateful to receive fresh stem cells in 2009. Now, trying to make choices to model a better world for my family and others.
Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Keywords: Cooperativismo
About: Cooperativista, socio de la Cooperativa de Software Libre Geneos Ltda. de la ciudad de Tandil, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Description: Laboratory for ChiCommons
Location: Chicago IL, USA
Keywords: cooperative, solidarity
Location: Austria
Description: Tour Operator and Travel Agent
Age: 46
Location: Delhi, India
Hometown: Cochin
About: ​I organize package & customized tours to all popular destinations in India​, Nepal, Bhutan & Srilanka ​ for leisure, photography, educational tours
Description: aluminum roller shutters suppliers perth
Location: Perth, WA, Australia
Description: Group
Location: United States
About: Discussion group for pioneers and enthusiasts of the decentralized web. Common interests include P2P wireless mesh infrastructure and P2P protocols such as
Description: Member Pickwick Club and Cultural Detective
Location: WA
Hometown: Spokane
About: Espresso: Iced americano, no room. Martini: Gin, very dry with a twist. Steak: Medium rare. Pineapple on pizza. Grey hair is sexy. Mr Toad. Bardolator. #Year53 Member of the Pickwick Club, Cultural Detective, Noted Pedestrian, Voracious Reader, Thrift Privateer, Curious Antiquary, Ginmaster General