Location: Lazio, Italy
Keywords: hiking, music, audio, linux
Description: I'm an EFL teacher from Abrantes, Portugal.
Location: Portugal
Hometown: Abrantes
Homepage: https://pinheirodeabrantes.com/
About: I'm a Portuguese teacher of English, married and father of two lovely ladies. I'm here to make friends and to explore our beautiful Fediverse. I'm politically neutral and I don't get into ideological disputes. I believe in humanity, friendship and that people should share more and respect our beautiful Earth much more. I cultivate the small pleasures of life and know for a fact that less is really more! We don't need that much to live a happy life. But we surely need more politeness, friendship, harmony, love, respect and solidarity, among many other values that, lately, have been a bit disregarded... I do my part by trying to make a difference in the lives of whom I interact with.
Description: For lovers of minimal Techno: Events, tracks, mixes, sets.
Location: Earth
Keywords: minimal, Techno, music
About: Strictly minimal Techno only!
Description: Independent artist
Location: See You in the streets
Homepage: https://ussr.win/page/kingdom/home
Description: anarcocomunismo, ecosocialismo, parole scritte e urlate
Keywords: music, politics, literature
Description: Curation of multimedia (predominantly music) to share
Homepage: https://ourdiaspora.net/channel/music
Keywords: music
Description: An Alternative to phil@ourdiaspora.net
Age: 69
Location: Leicestershire, UK
Hometown: Wymeswold
Homepage: http://stoneyfish.wordpress.com
Keywords: humanist, music, software
About: Humanist and retired software engineer with a love of music.
Description: Webfool. Musician, Photographer, Cook.
Location: Hertfordshire, England
Hometown: Croxley Green
Homepage: https://lazysquirrel.co.uk
About: Barely competent Linux dabbler.
Location: Hessen, Deutschland
About: Ich bin entschiedener Gegner von allen Extremen, auch in der anthroposphischen Welt (-> Hobbies/Interessen).
Description: "We have art in order not to die of the truth."
Location: Portugal
Hometown: /home
About: "One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star." "Without music, life would be a mistake." "And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music." "We love life, not because we are used to living but because we are used to loving." “In every real man a child is hidden that wants to play.” - Friedrich Nietzsche
Age: 46
Location: Ontario, Canada
Hometown: Newmarket
About: 50% Sir Paul McCartney fan, 49% cat, 1% Newfie steak
Location: London, UK
Homepage: https://timrowe.org
Keywords: meditation, music
About: Voice Monkey and Occasional Musician. Consciousness Explorer. Opsimath. Based in London.
Description: DJ
Location: Upstate New York, United States
About: Mild mannered online DJ. Former Bassist of The Flying Buttresses (NY) and Kali Yuga (LA). Former saxophonist of Annabel Lee (NY). Former DJ of the Abyss club night (NY). Streaming from the #Volkstanzclub every other Friday, 9-11pm EST.
Location: Hungary
Homepage: http://jozene.eu.org/
About: HUN: Jó hangulatot teremtő, inspiráló zenék, dalok, videóklipek. Válogatás kedvenc számokból és zenei munkásságomból. ENG: Songs, videoclips that give good atmosphere, joy, inspiration. Compilation of favorite tracks and my musical life work.
Description: Humanist and retired software engineer with a love of music.
Age: 69
Location: Leicestershire, United Kingdom
Homepage: http://stoneyfish.wordpress.com
Keywords: software, music
Description: Rizomatica
Homepage: https://rizomatica.noblogs.org
Description: Database Admin / Pool Player / Music Collector
Age: 47
Location: Netherlands
Location: Poland
Hometown: Suwałki
Keywords: music, techno, house, dj, art
About: Aleatory, stochastic and environment-driven sound collage. Experimental tone-works. Deep listening and sound installations.
Description: Just a truck driver that likes to podcast and make music in Linux
Location: Michigan, United States
Hometown: Plainfield, IN
Homepage: https://boneheadmedia.com
About: Just a truck driving, podcasting, guitar playing dad that loves indie music and FOSS. I'm not a coder or a hacker. Nor do I know enough of any one thing to be an expert in. But I can "sudo apt-get" anything! Im prolly the only Linux user that uses it daily because I belive in the philosphy and I dont have to know how to code to use it. I am your end user!
Homepage: https://byzoni.org
Keywords: music, books, movies
About: Жанр киберпанка, который мне нравится.
Location: Austria
Description: Professeur de musique, photographe à ses heures
Location: French Polynesia
Homepage: https://raphael.mezzapesa.eu
About: Je travaille actuellement sur un projet photo que je vous invite à aller voir: https://moana.page
Description: Combined Thoughts of George Perfect
Location: Charente-Maritime, France
Homepage: https://www.biznik.co.uk/about
About: Computing guru, entrepreneur, photographer, music lover, driver, pilot, traveller ... and disabled electric wheelchair user
Description: Musician living in Soho, London and spending most of my time with my machines,
Location: London, UK
Hometown: Pembroke, Massachusetts
Homepage: http://megleechin.com
About: I'm a musician living in London and spending most of my time on my machines.
Description: Herzlich willkommen! Das ist ein Forum für alle Musicalbegeisterten! Wir freuen uns auf eure Beiträge :-) !
Keywords: musical
Age: 27
Location: Kazan, Tatarstan, Russian Federation
Hometown: Kazan, RU
Homepage: https://zojl.ru
Keywords: webdev, photography, music
About: Можно потом?
Homepage: https://strictlybeta.com
Keywords: music, jazz, blues, saxophone, guitar
About: Long story. I play guitar and am learning saxophone, I'm your grandfather's age, but possibly more active.
Description: "We did it, not because it was easy... but because we thought it would be easy." Just a bloke who's into stuff.
Location: Christchurch, New Zealand
Hometown: Montclair, NJ, USA
Homepage: https://davelane.nz
About: I spend a lot of time experiencing, enjoying, reflecting, self-correcting, making the most of every day. I've got too many enthusiasms to describe.
Age: 39
Location: Russia
Hometown: Moscow
Location: Germany
Hometown: Wyk
Description: Musician - Musiker
Location: Germany
Keywords: music, guitar, flute, saxophone, piano
About: Multi-Instrumentalist, Singer and Songwriter, professional musician my whole life.
Description: Animal, music and science lover
Age: 67
Location: Greece
Hometown: Thessaloniki
Homepage: 4legs4me.blogspot.com
About: A retired teacher in a vocational school for nurses. Mother of nine dogs and 15 cats.
Age: 49
Location: Doylestown, PA, United States
Homepage: https://joecotellese.com
Description: Huge and happy blue bird
Age: 30
About: I'm a javascript software developer, owner of 6 cockatiels and a cat, guitar player, long-skate-boarder wannabe and just a curious person.
Description: atheist vegan
Location: an der Nordsee / North Sea Coast, Niedersachsen / Lower Saxony, Deutschland / Germany
Homepage: https://diasp.org/people/c8c335609d1e013614d4047d7b62795e
About: pro: observing, seeking out , inquiring, self-questioning, listening, empathy, compassion, mutual aid, socialism... choosing cooperation over competition anytime
Description: Always playing. Non-stop. The music. The Music Stream.
Age: 2
Keywords: music, musica, musique, muziek, musik
Location: the Netherlands
Location: London, United Kingdom
Hometown: London
About: I am an amateur photographer, musician, trained psychotherapist, computer programmer, writer, and more.
Description: Expat, nature, music, people, family, unix, linux, garden, flowers, photography #nobot
Location: Grafschaft Bentheim, Germany
Hometown: Amersfoort, Netherlands
Homepage: jabber: hanswolters@jabber.de - Jami: 556dd4fa7a12f7901b2e62c5fa63b6dc91306753
Description: Nerd, interested in lot of stuff. Usually posts bilingual and uses categories (deutsch, english)
Age: 50
Location: Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Hometown: Castrop-Rauxel
Homepage: https://mark.nowiasz.de/
About: Interested in lots of stuff - in no particular order: Linux, cooking, photography, boats, baking bread, geocaching, Python, travelling, whatever's interesting. Being owned by two cats. Movie buff.
Description: hubzillaについて知らない鯖主です。干し芋ください。
Age: 21
Location: Japan
Homepage: http://haruk.in
About: hoge
Description: developer, bitcoin rabbit hole dweller, foss/p2p/e2e systems proponent, musician (somewhat retired for now)
Location: Bavaria, Germany
Hometown: Munich
Keywords: dev, music, freedom, spirit, p2p, bitcoin
Description: Music Videos that goes a bit outside of the ordinary stuff
Location: Norwaynternet
Homepage: http://futuredraht.de
Keywords: music
Description: Volse Hub admin
Homepage: https://volse.anduin.net/~haraldei
About: Metallhue, programmerer og hedning. Initiativtager og primus motor i Norsk Urskog, vokalist og bassist i thrash metal-orkesteret Imbalance, bassist i Blastered, tilhenger av fri programvare, opptatt av datasikkerhet og personvern. Metalhead, programmer and pagan. Initiator and main force of Norsk Urskog, vocalist and bass player in the thrash metal band Imbalance, bass player of Blastered, supporter of free software, dabbler in information security and privacy. https://norsk-urskog.no https://imbalance.no https://blastered.no https://www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-sw.html
Location: Jalisco, Mexico
Hometown: Fort Worth, TX
Homepage: http://glenn.thedixons.net
About: Retired from I.T. - living in Mexico on my wife's pension :)


Location: Northland, New Zealand
Location: Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany
About: Inter-discipline geek from northern Germany.
Location: Seattle, Washington, (USA)
Homepage: http://moonlits.xyz/
About: a large plural system photographers, musicians, writers, too much random technological trivia scientific, spiritual, cosmological endogenic, thoughtforms, traumagenic, polyfragmented
Description: Developer
Location: Western Australia, Australia
Hometown: Perth
Homepage: https://start.hubzilla.org/channel/scott
About: Things and stuff