Description: queer, antifa, anarchism, philosophy, mentalhealth, writing, cyberpunk, communism, privacy, linux, hubzilla, politics, activist
About: Aleatory, stochastic and environment-driven sound collage. Experimental tone-works. Deep listening and sound installations.
Location: Ceska rep.
Hometown: Praha
Description: Instance admin of
Age: 34
Location: Manchester, UK
Hometown: Derby
Description: Music Videos that goes a bit outside of the ordinary stuff
Location: Moscow, Russia
About: Poly, pan. I want to destroy traditional values with gay and SJW agenda.
Description: Networker, Artist, DJ
About: Organi a european networker, who forces exchanges with open minded people. Main target is to make the world a better place, reduce the negative impact of humanity to the world, provide effective education to people, support sustainable development and intercultural communication. He is also DJ, artist, vegetarian and father of the most wonderful human beeing in the galaxy (he thinks).