Homepage: https://www.c-r-t.tk/
About: Linux Gamer, Hobbyprogrammierer, Hardwarebastler. Betreibe einige private Dienste auf einem Low Budget Server. Facebookverweigerer und Fan dezentraler Systeme.
Location: Córdoba, España
Location: Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland
Homepage: https://www.netzrose.de/
Description: carrabelloy- Darknight-Coffee-Club
Location: NRW, Germany
Hometown: Colonia
Homepage: https://darknight-coffee.org/blog
About: Kommt noch im Laufe der zeit
Age: 54
Location: Hessen, Deutschland
Homepage: http://HeikoFoerster.de
Description: Licenciado en Historia, interesado en la tecnología, docente
Location: Tucuman, Argentina
Homepage: https://revistahistoriaparatodos.wordpress.com/
Description: Hub-Admin
Age: 55
Location: Bács-Kiskun, Magyarország
Hometown: Gara
Location: Victoria, Australia
Hometown: Melbourne
About: #photography #Linux #Android #opensource #foss #protonmail #privacy #freespeech Life described in hashtags
Age: 46
Location: Wépion, Belgium
Description: Webfool. Musician, Photographer, Cook.
Location: Hertfordshire, England
Hometown: Croxley Green
Homepage: https://lazysquirrel.co.uk
About: Barely competent Linux dabbler.
Description: The Bumblebee
Location: Hertfordshire, England
Hometown: Croxley Green
Homepage: https://lazysquirrel.co.uk
About: Tall. Irreverent. Musician. People can be disappointing, dogs rarely are.
Description: "We have art in order not to die of the truth."
Location: Portugal
Hometown: /home
About: "One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star." "Without music, life would be a mistake." "And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music." "We love life, not because we are used to living but because we are used to loving." “In every real man a child is hidden that wants to play.” - Friedrich Nietzsche
Location: Meppel, Nederland
About: Information Security and Identity & Access Control


Description: is for
Location: Hillsboro, OR, USA
Homepage: https://critter.cloudns.org
About: I am not entirely convinced that I exist, but it would be nice if I wasn't real, so I probably am, because we can't have nice things. Living with family to save money, writing psychological thrillers about magical ponies, pretty friendly though maybe a bit spacey at times. I'm way too gosh darned contrarian and shamelessly irreverent but otherwise I think I'm pretty easy to get along with.
Age: 38
Location: Расистская Педерация
Keywords: tor, vpn, linux, хиппи
Description: Een vrolijke pensionado
Age: 68
Location: Amsterdam, Nederland
Hometown: Amsterdam, Jordaan
Description: Enjoy the latest news from the informatics world.
Homepage: https://hey.dou.bet/~/Freax/
Description: Enjoy the latest news from the informatics world.
Age: 29
Location: Plzeň, Czech Republic


Homepage: leos.page
Description: Database Admin / Pool Player / Music Collector
Age: 47
Location: Netherlands
Description: Open source for a better future
Location: Berlin, Germany
Hometown: earth
About: Technical interested, art loving, vegan living, food designing, animal friendly, device flashing, party seeking nerd with a way to long todo list
Location: Россия
Homepage: https://www.rosalinux.ru/
About: Rosa Linux Fresh разробатывается российской компанией ООО «НТЦ ИТ РОСА» на основе некогда популярного дистрибутива Mandriva. Rosa Flesh распространяется на бесплатной основе и поддерживаемый как силами компании ООО «НТЦ ИТ РОСА» так и силами сообщества https://vk.com/rosa_linux https://forum.rosalinux.ru/. Так же на платной основе разрабатывается целый ряд дистрибутивов для госорганов, коммерческих организаций, в том числе ROSA ENTERPRISE LINUX SERVER (RELS), основанная на CentOS. Флагманским рабочим окружением(DE) является KDE. На данный момент последним релизом является RosaFresh R11.1 с рабочими столами KDE4, Plasma5, LXQT и XFCE. Так же присутствует неоффициальная сборка Mate 1.22. Последний выпуск GNOME 3 был в релизе R9. Дистрибутив дружелюбен к пользователю - установил и пользуешься. Дополнительно, при необходимости, можно в три клика установить проприетарные драйвера к видео карте и принтерам. Rosa Fresh это rpm дистрибутив в котором используется пакетный менеджер urpm. Роса имеет собственные репозитарии, которые не требуется переключать или дополнять. Пакетная база обширна. Для стабильности Роса не спешит с обновлением версий программ, а ждет когда программа пройдет обкатку временем, как что любителям самого свежего ПО она не подойдет. Роса имеет свою онлайн rpm ферму https://abf.io/ , где каждый желающий, при определенном уровне мастерства, может собирать любые пакеты программ и дистрибутивов.
Location: Austria
Homepage: https://aksel.at/
About: On business I learned automation technology, worked as service technician, as support engineer for a networkmanagementsoftware and many small jobs. In private I am broadly interested: IT (LInux, FOSS, decentral networks), psychologics (relationships, social behavior, education, leading), spiritualism (shamanism, buddhism, nature spirits, healing), ubuntu movement, breatherianism, living on light,
Description: GlobalTech Hub
Location: Germany
Homepage: https://globaltech-hub.com
Location: Bretagne, France
About: Un collapso-hacker
Description: just a victim of society and all its games
Location: Netherlands
Homepage: https://jeroenpraat.nl/
About: activism ☆ anarchism ☆ journalism ☆ politics ☆ human rights ☆ tech ☆ ? ☆ free culture ☆ science ☆ ⛅ ☆ scifi ☆ ? ☆ prn ☆ asd ☆ nb
Location: Canada
About: Photographer
Description: IT-Consultant
Age: 38
Location: Hamburg, Germany
Hometown: Hamburg
About: I'm an self-employed IT-Consultant. Love to make, reverse-engineer and repair things.
Description: Opennet mirror
Location: Russia
Homepage: https://www.opennet.ru
About: не официальное зеркало https://www.opennet.ru в федиверс
Description: Interested in many blah blah blah
Keywords: Linux, Marvel, Comic, Movie
About: Researcher
Description: Sitio personal.
Location: Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Hometown: Buenos Aires
About: Diseñador gráfico en el diario Página12.


Description: A gamer that's into computers, photography, and so much more.
Location: Kansas
Homepage: https://amaranth.network/
Keywords: photography, software, linux
About: Kind of new to Hubzilla. Came here because of the amount of flexibility. I'm Tek. I use Fedora and Windows. Hoping to move more computers to Fedora soon. Moving myself to my own website instead of being all over the internet on so many platforms. I create a lot of new content. Photography and working on my Discord bot are the current big things I'm doing.
Location: Westerwald, Deutschland
Homepage: https://www.huebner.tk
Description: Persistent Nomad
About: PoP (Point of Presence) is an artificial demarcation point or interface point between communicating entities. Net (Network) is a digital telecommunications path which allows nodes to share resources. These computing devices exchange data with each other using connections (data links) between nodes. These data links are established over cable media such as twisted pair or fiber-optic cables, and wireless media such as Wi-Fi. PoP_Net!: is the route of last resort. In a fediverse where the instance owners have mistaken free speech for hate speech. A place where censorship is not common and commonsense no longer applies! A new totalitarian leadership of instances owners with over inflated egos erupt to dismantle and destroy the very fabric the fediverse was built upon. Amidst the hypocrisy as freedom lies in ruin. Rejoice, PoP_Net! initiated by the Iron Monkey is the new day rising! Promoting truly free and open dialogue, among all. Fostering the creative via a robust collective of ideas through unity, strength and creative thoughts and conversation.
Description: Dev-op the Grey (He/Him/His)
Location: UK
Hometown: London
About: Linux and network geek who straddled the ops/development line long before dev-ops was a thing.
Description: Persistent Nomad
About: Nomadic Persistence: no·​mad·​ic | \ nō-ˈma-dik\ : roaming about from place to place aimlessly, frequently, or without a fixed pattern of movement. - per·​sis·​tence | \ pər-ˈsi-stən(t)s, -ˈzi-\. Nomadic Persistence is the route of last resort. In a fediverse where the instance owners have mistaken free speech for hate speech. A place where censorship is now common and commonsense no longer applies! A new totalitarian leadership of instances owners with over inflated egos erupt to dismantle and destroy the very fabric the fediverse was built upon. Amidst the hypocrisy as freedom lies in ruin. Rejoice, Nomadic Persistence is the new day rising! Promoting truly free and open dialogue, among all people. Fostering the creative via a robust collective of ideas through unity and strength.
Description: Site Owner
Location: Arizona, US
Hometown: Phoenix
Homepage: https://keyconcepts.com/
Age: 38
Location: Саратов, Россия
Keywords: russian, lang_ru, linux
Description: Site Owner
Age: 57
Location: Arizona, United States of America
Hometown: Phoenix
Homepage: https://keyconcepts.com/
About: Maybe sometime later.
Description: Channeler
Age: 31
Location: British Columbia, Canada
Hometown: Vancouver
Location: Yekaterinburg, Russia
Homepage: https://pztrn.name
Location: Germany
Hometown: Cologne
Homepage: https://soundcloud.com/jeschke
Keywords: linux, antifa
Description: L'actualité du Logiciel Libre et de Linux, en mode francophone ou pas (Fr/En).
Location: France
Keywords: Linux, News, Actualité
About: Qu'est-ce que GNU ? GNU (se prononce gnou) est un système d'exploitation composé exclusivement de logiciels libres qui respecte la liberté des utilisatrices et des utilisateurs. Son nom est un acronyme récursif qui signifie en anglais "Gnu's Not Unix" (littéralement, GNU N'est pas UNIX). C'est aussi un ensemble de licences écrites pour GNU et utilisées également par d'autres projets. En savoir plus : https://www.gnu.org/gnu/gnu.html Qu'est-ce que le logiciel libre ? La plupart des logiciels, dit « logiciels propriétaires », sont distribués sans leur code source. Le code binaire, et lui seul, est fourni à celui qui se procure le programme. Il est interdit d’en connaître la composition exacte, de le partager avec d’autres utilisateurs ou de le modifier pour l’adapter à des besoins spécifiques. Les logiciels libres sont avant tout porteurs de liberté de partage et d’accès à la connaissance. Ces libertés sont essentielles pour toutes et tous car elles garantissent un accès permanent aux outils logiciels en empêchant toute dépendance, notamment vis-à-vis d’éditeur de logiciels. Qu'est-ce que Linux ? On a l'habitude de dire que Linux est un système d'exploitation. En réalité, Linux, c'est uniquement le cœur (on dit le "noyau" nommé Kernel) du système d'exploitation GNU/Linux. Le noyau s'occupe des basses besognes : la gestion de la mémoire, l'accès aux périphériques (disque dur, lecteur de CD-Rom, clavier, souris, carte graphique...), la gestion du réseau, le partage du temps microprocesseur entre les programmes (multi-tâche), etc. Aller plus loin : https://www.kernel.org/ Qu'est-ce qu'une distribution Linux ? Il s’agit tout simplement de la sélection d’un ensemble d'éléments prêts à fonctionner ensemble. Ces éléments se regroupent en trois sous-ensembles : - Le noyau : c’est la brique de base sans laquelle rien ne fonctionne. C’est grâce à lui qu’est reconnu le matériel disponible sur l’ordinateur. - Le « bureau », c’est à dire l’interface graphique que l’on utilise. C’est une première différence avec Windows et Mac. Il existe plusieurs bureaux. Les plus utilisés sont Gnome, KDE ou xfce (et dérivés). - Les logiciels : ce sont toutes les applications qui seront disponibles dés l’installation ou qui pourront être ajoutés après l’installation (bureautique, internet, graphisme, etc.). Elle peut être totalement libre (Linux+GNU) ou proposer des éléments dits propriétaires (codecs multimédia, pilotes périphériques notamment). Qu'est-ce qu'une licence ? La loi protège automatiquement et implicitement toutes les œuvres de l'esprit par le droit d'auteur (ou le copyright pour les pays de droit anglo-saxon). Cette protection est, dans le cas du droit d'auteur, au bénéfice de l'auteur et contre toute forme d'usage par des tiers. La mise à disposition d'une œuvre, logiciel ou non, notamment sur l'Internet, doit donc être un acte volontaire et explicite. Cet acte s'exprime par l'adjonction d'une licence, qui est un contrat type proposé aux acquéreurs de l'œuvre (gratuit ou payant) indiquant les droits qui leurs sont concédés, et les obligations éventuelles qui leur sont imposées en échange. Les logiciels libres disposent donc tous de licences et ce sont précisément celles-ci qui les définissent comme tels.


Description: A gamer that's into computers, photography, and so much more.
Homepage: https://amaranth.network/
About: Not much to say. I've always been into computers and have moved a lot throughout my life. Knowing that I may never settle down, I turned to the Internet to get a stable identity. Anybody knowing the Internet knows how unstable it really is and how bad of an idea that can be. After many years of being on the side lines and using services others offered, I finally decided to just become a content provider as well as producer. That came to the conclusion of my own website with my own blog and more.
Location: Hessen, Germany
About: Held der Altenpflege | Nusspli statt Nutella | digital librarian | datahoarder | 70er Filme | Dragonborn | Level 40
Description: Production Engineer
Location: Illinois
Hometown: Hoffman Estates
About: I am the designer and the CEO, and currently the only process supervisor behind the Factory 4.0 Open Initiative, LLC (FourOh-LLC). . . . My platform is Virtualmin on Virtual Private Servers from AWS, GCE, Linode. I build with standard UNIX servers and services such as BIND, OpenLDAP, LAMP. My productivity stack is implemented for pilots, or for staging migrations to service providers. I use simplified frameworks such as web forms on Joomla with Fabrik that are 100% free of licensing cost and restrictions. . . . Large part of Industry 4.0 (called "fouroh") is to maximize the use of data from all available sources, which includes automated equipment on the production floor, component data published by the manufacturers, and qualifiers such as environmental regulations and life-cycle management. FourOh-LLC, as part of Industry 4.0 is to lead the way for all those who are NOT able to afford even the fundamental fouroh advancements, not to mention enterprise-level services. Businesses still managing operations via spreadsheets, paper forms and tribal knowledge are going to be provided the resources to digitize on a budget, with incremental change - instead of paying the full price and reinvent their business model whole-sale. * * * FourOh-LLC helps small manufacturers to transfer tribal knowledge, spreadsheets and paper forms into an enterprise-ready database. The LLC publishes the specifications to an enterprise-class infrastructure and web forms free-of-monetary-cost. Based on those specifications local experts in your area, who form their own Factory 4.0 Open Initiative chapters, may help you to begin digitizing your business infrastructure. * * * You are invited to discuss your own business needs as a Factory 4.0 Open Initiative client - or to discuss the process of becoming a service provider in your area, forming a local chapter. This web is part of the Hubzilla global grid, a de-centralized and federated social network with extensive privacy support. It is currently the best alternative for business intranets and extranets where participants and allowed content types are regulated by you, the server owner - and where all your data belongs to you and remains with you.
Description: Datenschutz, IT und IT-Security aus einer Hand.
Location: Germany
Homepage: https://www.huebner.tk
Description: Normally at @daemonspudguy everywhere, but fracked up here.
Age: 16
Homepage: jacobatice.com
Keywords: Linux, nerd, teenager
About: Normally at @daemonspudguy everywhere, but fracked up here.
Hometown: Berlin
About: Linux, Android, Raspi, Berge, Blumen, Bewegen und neuerdings auch sogenannte soziale Medien