Description: Continuing to build God’s realm as revealed in the beloved community
About: Ordained minister, librarian, and faith-based community organizer. My big life dream is for all of us to truly see each other and be seen at our most authentic for who we really are.
Description: a foundation for creative empowerment
Location: United Kingdom
About: To inspirit & enable direct positive actions for a changing world. Promoting alternate perspectives of living, through; knowledge transfer, land-based learning with practicable application and real-world implementation.
Description: Kids Learning Program
Location: Delhi, India
Hometown: Delhi
About: Kumon is a home grown after school program running for providing the best of education to the kids of all ages. For enrolling the child to experience the plethora of knowledge and academic exposure the parents need to follow three easy steps: First, Find the nearest Centre from your location and book an appointment. Second, Visit the centre and attend parent orientation and lastly enroll your kids with the best educational institution.
Description: transitioning tools for a changing world
Description: As Above. So Below.
Location: Granada, Spain
Hometown: Lanjaron
About: We Are One. "Together, we are more powerful, than they can possibly imagine." Divided by Zero.