Homepage: https://labonneheure.ch/profile/hendrikje
About: Ich beschäftige mich seit über 20 Jahren mit dem Erlernen von Samulnori und den zugrundeliegenden Traditionen Koreas.
Description: Ich bin Tänzerin und Improvisationskünstlerin. I am a dancer and artist focused on improvisation.
Location: Basel, Schweiz
Hometown: Korea
Homepage: https://labonneheure.ch/yeonji
About: My HomepageMy resumeMy portfolioMy public wallRSSThe human presence plays an important role for me, rather than sensual electric devices. Dance and cooking are my favorite activities. Dance: I give spaces to emptiness in order to stress fullness. I confront my dance with distance and no-distance, time, with destroyed, used and forgotten objects and with gender. I examine the meanings of suffer, surviving and existence. My dance and art are inspired by Maya M. Carroll, Emmanuel Grivet, Lilo Stahl and Rosalind Crisp. Cooking: I like to do everything by my own, may it be pasta, kimchi or Bärlauchpesto, and to avoid producing waste. Languages: * Mother tongue: Korean * I master the language English * I'm learning German https://labonneheure.ch/page/yeonji/home https://labonneheure.ch/cloud/yeonji/lebenslauf/Resume_Yeonji.pdf https://labonneheure.ch/cloud/yeonji/Portfolio/Portfolio_Yeonji.pdf
Description: Ich bin Musiker, Improvisationskünstler, Sprachlehrer und Ingenieur. I am a musician and artist - focused on improvisation - a language teacher and an engineer.
Location: Basel, Schweiz
Homepage: https://labonneheure.ch/emanuel
About: I am passionate about social, relaxed and conscious living: Drinking tea, Chinese calligraphy, playing drums, cooking and direct social exchanges.