Description: Biology & IT student - Environnementalist - FOSS contributor wannabe
About: French folk. Etudiant en biologie-biochimie. Passionné par les sciences, le nature, l'informatique et le son, animateur radio par ailleurs. Je suis également instrumentaliste amateur à mes heures perdues (guitare basse, guitare, ukulele) et militant environnementaliste (pas écologiste ni écologue, l'écologie est une science et les politiques qui s'en revendiquent sont des charlatans).

Fabriquons une société durable et juste. Soyons utilitaristes et positivistes. Soutiens de fait à tous ceux qui luttent en ce sens et ne jamais cesser d'apprendre.

Je me connecte avec les zhumains et les robots aussi s'ils sont gentils. J'ai soif d'humanité et d'échanges et je vous follow si votre propos m'intéresse. Bisous.
Description: Trying to be a bit personal, an allround human being. Hope you find sth. nice on my sites here!!
Age: 47
Location: Augsburg, Germany
About: Hey! I am a guy around 40 sth. , taking everyday steps to live life in an artistic approach; Trying to and believing to be virtuos in all areas. Most important are humans, my next men and women and the relationships; I changed over my passing life from an introvert techie to a social person, and became a believer.

I would like to experiment with the hubzilla network grid and related stuff, at least because it's possible, we can use it in a decent way, not overestimate it, simply go with the technical tools around us.

May you be blessed dear fellow human, would be nice to get a contact request if you feel sth here when reading!
Age: 32
Location: Munich, Germany
Hometown: Darmstadt, Germany
About: I'm a very curious person, eager to gain experiences. In short, I'm profound, friendly and warm-hearted. Friends also describes me as honest, tender, reliable, intelligent and humorous. I leave it to your decision if you'll trust them. :-D Last but not least I'm fond of chocolate and other sweets.

I moved to Munich about two years ago to enjoy life here and of course to work in a great job. Prior to that I've studied computer sciences in Darmstadt and have done some research at the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg.
Location: Hessen, Deutschland
Keywords: physics, bioinformatics