Age: 58
Location: NRW, Deutschland
Hometown: Köln
Description: I ain't here on business, baby, I'm only here for fun. (Bruce Springsteen, Rosalita)
About: My channel posts are English or German, depending on the subject. I am pretty much addicted to politics and have a hang on football: Borussia Mönchengladbach, FC St.Pauli, Liverpool FC. You can as well call me a Southside-Johnny-Nerd... that'd be no offense. I believe in science but occasionally have my doubts about the progress of humanity. But anyways; Live and let live!
Age: 53
Location: Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland
Hometown: Heilbronn
Location: Amsterdam, NL
Keywords: Linux, hiking, nature
Description: Storage and Relocation
About: Mr Move is all about providing their clients in and around Dubai with excellent customer service. Employing the best team in the business, they ensure that you will get maximum satisfaction in all steps of the moving process. It all starts with excellent customer service. With well-trained staff and an organized way of doing business, we want to make sure that the kind of customer service we provide for you is of the highest quality at all times.
Description: Storage and Relocation
About: Mr Move is all about providing their clients in and around Dubai with excellent customer service. Employing the best team in the business, they ensure that you will get maximum satisfaction in all steps of the moving process. It all starts with excellent customer service. With well-trained staff and an organized way of doing business, we want to make sure that the kind of customer service we provide for you is of the highest quality at all times.
Description: Storage and Relocation
About: Mr Move will provide you the best moving and storage services in the UAE.
Description: Dubai Relocation Office
About: Depending on your needs, budget, and preferences, a professional Dubai moving company offers several levels of service. The full range of UAE moving services will vary depending on whether you need to hire long distance movers in Dubai for a cross-country move, or if you only need to move a few smaller items a short distance.
Description: Cultural Detective, Voracious Reader, Thrift Privateer, Noted Pedestrian, Pluviophile, HIV+
Location: WA, US
Hometown: Spokane
Location: Jacksonville, Florida, USA
Hometown: West Monroe, Louisiana
About: Et ipsa scientia lucem ac tenebras ignorantia

Hello, I’m David. I’m an Electronics Engineering Tech at Department of Defense living in Jacksonville, Florida. I am a fan of technology, coffee, golf, and politics. I’m also interested in coding and astronomy.
Description: Music and More
Keywords: music, reading, programming
Description: ICH BIN und das reicht. ICH BIN immer dafür, dass jemand dagegen ist. ICH BIN nicht lustig.
About: - Mediengestalter mit Ausbildung im Bereich Bild & Ton, trotzdem begeisterter Autodidakt
- Photoshop-Liebhaber und trotzdem Illustrator-Fan
- zielstrebig und trotzdem Tüftler
- von POV-Ray über Reflections zu 3DS MAX gekommen und jetzt doch mit Cinema 4D unterwegs
Je nach Lust und Laune so etwas ähnliches wie ein freischaffender Forentroll.
Description: 'If you stay in a place like this. . . you might not be able to connect.'
Location: भारत | Bharat
Keywords: india, भारत
About: Hi. I'm a guy from India who's interested in cultures, interaction, good food, having a good time, and many other things.

Likes:  Beer, subtitled films, reading, running, giving surprises, all kinds of music, women, foss, photography, and the mundanities of other people's lives.

Dislikes: Fundamentalists, feminazis, organised religion, bitter gourd, bhai fans, and Chinese phones.

Some of my favourite. . .

Books: Swami and Friends, The Contortionist's Handbook, After the Quake. . .

Manga: Ichi The Killer, Yunagi no machi Sakura no kuni, Blame!. . .

Authors/Mangaka: Charles Bukowski, Natsuo Kirino, Hideo Yamamoto. . .

Films: Udaan, The Motorcycle Diaries, Wandafuru Raifu, Blade Runner 2049. . .

Music: Animals as Leaders, Zeb Bangash, Avicii. . .

Anime: Texhnolyze, Barakamon, Beck - Mongolian Chop Squad. . .

Audio Drama: Wolf 359, We're Alive. . .

Photographers: Daido Moriyama, Vivian Maier, Martin Parr. . .
Location: Tiberias, Israel
About: Familie 2004 von Deutschland nach Israel ausgewandert.
Location: Deutschland
About: Nachdem Google angekündigt hat, nächsten Sommer bei G+ die Schotten zu schließen, habe ich jetzt mit Hubzilla eine neue Basis bei der Föderation gefunden. Ich hätte mich schon viel früher umsehen sollen. :-)
Description: A retired fella from Cowtown
Age: 117
Location: Ontario, Canada
Hometown: Toronto
About: Retired
Description: Gplus refugee looking for a new place.
Location: VA, United States
About: Career hair stylist from NY now  living in the south. I love discovering new artists. I am a dog lover and dog  mom of 2.
Keywords: Freesw, Linux, music
Description: Anything About the GTA
Location: Ontario, Canada 🍁
Hometown: Toronto
About: The Centre & Capital of Canada
Description: Forum / Neuigkeitenkanal für Threema Anwender aus dem deutschsprachigen Raum
Location: Krefeld, Deutschland
Keywords: IT, Server, self-hosting
Description: Na schau mer mal wie s hier ausschaut... (bisher gfällts mir)
Age: 43
Location: Rheinland-Pfalz, Deutschland
Hometown: Rhein-Pfalz-Kreis
About: Ich bin seit der Akustikkoppler-Zeit im vermaschten Netz unterwegs, mir sind Modems, Mailboxen und Internet mit Ortsvorwahl nicht fremd. Hab mich irgendwann mal vom C64 zu den PC Typen durchgeschlagen und im aufkommenden Internet mit HTML Filesharing PHP und weiteren Webtechniken beschäftigt.
nach der Ausbildung hab ich bei einem Bundesunternehmen Computer verdrahtet und Magnetbänder jongliert. Danach dann KVM Switche gelötet und beim Kunden installiert.
Aktuell installiere ich Wireless Controller Systeme, leuchte WLAN aus konfiguriere Mobile Terminals mit WM,CE oder Android für ERP Systeme und binde diese in MDM Systeme ein.
Description: Petes Hubzilla at USSR
Age: 58
Location: Woodside, South Australia, Australia
Hometown: Woodside
Keywords: Field, Engineer
About: I am Angeleena from, an online on-demand Freelance Information Technology Technician. It solves the challenge of finding the right resource by connecting service providers to a global pool of skilled field engineers.
The Field Engineer model is optimized for posting on on-line job boards or careers pages and is simple to customize for your company. We tend to area unit searching for a self-starter Freelance Field service technician to deliver the specified client service expertise. The goal is to drive service success that improves client satisfaction, maximizes client retention and will increase profitable.
Location: France
Keywords: linux, java, scala, floss
Description: wireless engineer
Keywords: wireless, engineer
About: Forget expensive, full-time technicians. Whether it’s a new building or time for an upgrade, our teams of local Field Engineers can provide on-site survey and installation of your wireless network solution.
Description: Ein alternativer Versuch ein Forum für Rollenspieler zu erzeugen...
Description: Sternendeuter
About: I'm running for you!
Description: IT-Ingenieur - A-Cappella-Sänger - Jugendarbeiter - Systemiker
Location: Niedersachsen, Deutschland
Hometown: Hannover
Description: Ruhrpott Outdoor (inoffiziell)
About: Glück auf!

Dieser Kanal beschäftigt sich hauptsächlich mit dem Thema Outdoor, Trekking, Bushcraft, Survival und Prepping.

Neben Dokumentationen von Wanderungen und Touren werden hier Ausrüstung und Werkzeuge vorgestellt und getestet, aber auch andere Themengebiete angeschnitten.

Der Wirkungsbereich beschränkt sich nicht nur auf das Ruhrgebiet sondern versucht weltweit, zumindest aber europaweit Touren durchzuführen und diese zu dokumentieren.

Vielen Dank für euer Interesse, wir sehen uns im Wald!
Description: i shave regularly -- every 3--5 months.
Age: 61
Location: West Bengal, India
Hometown: Mayapur
About: not now...
Description: Lebensmittelwarnungen Deutschland (inoffiziell)
Description: Gun for hire in the writing and coding field
About: Freelance writer of articles and code. My free time is spent hacking, researching security & privacy and building new systems or apps.
Location: Deutschland
About: Als ehemaliges Google+ Mitglied bin ich über Friendica und Diaspora nun hier gelandet :)
Description: Archlinux: A Lightweight and Flexible Linux Distribution
Keywords: Archlinx, Arch, Linux, Linux
Description: Diplomingenieur und Netzveteran
Location: Deutschland
Hometown: Dortmund
Description: I play D&D and draw stuff...
Age: 39
About: Global Submission Manager at 505 Games.
Vegetarian, whovian, metaller. Likes cats, tea, videogames, books, art.
Supports equal rights.
Views are my own.
Description: Site Admin. Python Developer
Age: 53
Location: Canada
About: Raised in outport Newfoundland in a town of 65 people, I pursued a post secondary diploma in Information Technology right out of High School.  Graduating into the recession of the early 80s, with a student loan at an interest rate of 13.75%, with a diploma, but no clue how to apply for a job or contacts to rely on, led me back home, and eventually into the hotel business from the accounting side.

Eventually tiring of a job I didn’t like, I made the decision to go back to school, and moved to Nova Scotia and back into the career I really do love, a Web/Database developer.  I’ve always been a geek at heart, but yet I love the rural life I grew up with.  Fishing, hunting, camping and the great outdoors are still loves of mine, even if I don’t pursue them as often as I once did.  Sports were always a big part of our lives, and I played many (badly) and loved them all.

I’ve never lost my love of home, and will always be a country boy no matter how long I live in the city. Keeping those memories alive, and sharing them with those who may be interested led me to start blogging at Random Island Memories. That little corner of the net is a spot for my recollections, stories, and re-tellings of others I’ve heard from back home on Random Island, NL. Hopefully you’ll get some insight on life in outport Newfoundland at least from the time frames I know of.

I am also a gadget and technology aficionado. A Sci-Fi and Fantasy devotee.  Amateur Photograhper

I’m the cat that curiosity hasn’t killed yet.  I am interested in nearly everything from ancient history to modern gadgets.  Always curious about walks of life and how people live and lived.  I will likely blog about random things that catch my attention, with no specific topic that covers everything here.  It may be sports, politics, technology, or what have you.

The journey is the destination, learning never ends, and I’ll never grow old if I never grow up.


  • Grilling,
  • CFL and NFL football,
  • Formula 1,
  • Monty Python (Picture above was taken while on a trip to London to see their reunion)
  • Black Adder
  • Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
  • and any absurdities you can think of

I’m eclectic and random as hell. Thanks for dropping in.
Location: the Netherlands
Location: Germany
Description: Virtual Worlds @ Hubzilla
Location: Fediverse, Hubzilla
About: Gather the Google+ users of the Virtual Worlds
Description: Free thinker with a passion for GNU, Free Software, Art and Philosphy
Description: Go Language Enthusiasts on Hubzilla
Description: TFTSR Owner
Age: 38
Location: Montavollo, Alabama, US
Description: senior citizen, cat loving boring old fart
Age: 67
Location: NRW, Deutschland
Hometown: Köln
About: Ich bin Extremprokrastionierer, Misanthrop (irl), Pessimist und Katzenhalter. Interessieren tun mich Komputer, Kameras und Katzen. Von allen hab ich ein paar, meist ältere. Als Betriebssysteme spiele ich mit Linux (Fedora, Kubuntu, KDE Neon, Lubuntu und allen möglichen anderen in virtuellen Maschinen) und auch W10 herum. Bin aber nur Anwender ohne strukturierte und tiefergehende Kenntnisse obwohl ich meinen ersten Kontakt mit Rechnern schon 1986 gemacht habe.
War immer zu faul, mehr zu lernen als unbedingt nötig.
Description: admin
Age: 41
Description: Banana !
Age: 40
Location: Lyon, France
Description: Landei
Age: 52
Location: Baden-Württemberg
Hometown: Raum HN und S
About: freundlich und unkompliziert, dennoch mit Anspruch auf Niveau, neige gelegentlich zu Starrsinn, vielseitig interessiert, ab und an konservativ, trotzdem immer up to date. Querdenkerin.

Gamerin auf der PS4, Tierliebend, Tussi-Non-Konformistin,
Description: Expat, nature, music, people, family
Location: Grafschaft Bentheim, Germany
Hometown: Amersfoort, Netherlands
About: Dutch ICT guy who thought it would be funny to become an expat and moved to Germany in 2008. Working in the Netherlands, living here in Germany.
Description: dies ist ein Test, test, test...
Age: 52
Location: Schweiz
Description: Digitalization Consultant. Open Source fan. Arch Linux user ⚓ „Digitalisierung im Kopf, Open Source im Herzen.“
Location: Bordesholm, Schleswig-Holstein, Deutschland
Hometown: Bordesholm
Location: British Columbia, Canada
About: Into completely non technical philosophies :)
Presently trying to make sense of start.hubzilla
Think I have to find the Hubzilla for Dummies book
Description: Pastor
Location: Oregon, USA
Hometown: Portland
Description: Editor/Translator
Location: Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
About: Benjamin L. Russell majored in computer science at Yale University in 1994.  He works as an editor/translator of computer science-related documents.  He currently lives in Tokyo, Japan.  He occasionally writes haiku in the style of Matsuo Bashō and studies Scheme, Haskell, and Ruby in his spare time.  He is also a Japanese digital entertainment geek/otaku.