Location: Missouri, United States
Hometown: Columbia
Homepage: https://bilge.world
Keywords: software, history
About: Editor-in-Chief, Neoyokel, Angst Wrangler, Literacy Advocate, Computing Historian, and 100% Open Source Bitch.
Description: Rizomatica
Homepage: https://rizomatica.noblogs.org
Description: Truth Seeker
Location: Alberta, Canada
Hometown: Revelstoke, BC
Homepage: thirdcarriageage.com
Description: Member Pickwick Club and Cultural Detective
Location: WA
Hometown: Spokane
About: Espresso: Iced americano, no room. Martini: Gin, very dry with a twist. Steak: Medium rare. Pineapple on pizza. Grey hair is sexy. Mr Toad. Bardolator. #Year53 Member of the Pickwick Club, Cultural Detective, Noted Pedestrian, Voracious Reader, Thrift Privateer, Curious Antiquary, Ginmaster General
Description: John H's Interests
Age: 72
Location: Pennsylvania, US
Hometown: Lebanon
Homepage: https://johnharvey.us/
About: Retired state worker, retired National Guard, Vietnam veteran
Age: 46
Location: Ontario, Canada
Hometown: Newmarket
Keywords: Photography, art, history
About: Earer of lost souls
Description: Linux tester
Age: 29
Location: Bashkortostan, Russia
Hometown: Ufa
Keywords: Linux, game, history
About: Рад общению и новым знакомствам.
Age: 29
Homepage: http://edu.bashgmu.ru/blog/index.php?entryid=5060
Location: the Netherlands
Description: Still clinging to the internet's idealistic dream of constructive engagement and discourse with friends, strangers, and robots around the world and sometimes on Mars.
Homepage: https://metapolitical.world/
About: I am a political analyst with a Master's Degree in International Relations, specialized, but not limited to, Russian politics. It is my strong belief that all people are political, whether they like it or not. The job of a politologist is to encourage people to go beyond partisanship, into the realm of civil discussion and understanding of the processes that shape our world.
Description: A regular person that likes #fashion, #fountainpens, and #shoujo #manga. Will talk about cartoons if provoked. 🇮🇪 🍰 💜
Location: USA
About: I'm in my early 30s and originally from #Ireland but now in the USA. A civil engineer by day and a sleeper at night. I like #fashion, #shoujo anime & manga, #animation, #FOSS, and #solitude.