Location: Lazio, Italy
Keywords: hiking, music, audio, linux
Description: A South African living in far off lands. Host of The Miskatonic Alumni Association podcast and numerous other projects.
Age: 40
Location: South Africa
Hometown: Cape Town
Homepage: https://terrancebrown.me
Description: A South African living in far-off lands.
Location: China
Homepage: https://terrancebrown.me
Description: Enjoying the outdoors, food, farming and health related things. Avoiding the corporatocracy, media and fake stuff.
Location: Ontario, Canada
Description: Truth Seeker
Location: Alberta, Canada
Hometown: Revelstoke, BC
Description: Pilgrim since 2013, have been wandering with emphasis on spiritual growth. Digital Nomad and thru-hiker. Former techie that still has bits of it lingering.
Age: 41
Location: Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
Hometown: Santa Barbara, California, USA
Homepage: https://www.thepilgrimingtrinh.com
About: I lived a fairly mainstream life in Southern California, USA, being in the technology and computer guy circles until 2013. I went through what one might say is an early mid-life crisis; and as a result, decided to say “fuck it all” and did the most illogical thing I could think of and purchased a one way train ticket out of California. Since then, I have experienced so many thing that cannot be explained in logical ways. Since then, I have been focusing my life more on spiritual growth while traveling on a shoestring budget, and enjoying that I love pilgrimage hikes through the wilderness. At the moment, my visions guide me towards Tikal, Guatemala.
Description: Just some guy, you know?
Age: 35
Location: Alberta, Canada
Hometown: Drumheller
Keywords: airsoft, drawing, hiking, memes
About: I’m a simple man trying to make my way in the universe.
Location: Kansas City, Missouri, United States
Homepage: https://ericrogers.org
Description: If in Doubt Distract Them with Nudity
Age: 31
Location: Bremen, Germany
About: Late 20's year old, travelled to 30+ countries, lived for extended periods in six. Currently in Bremen, Germany, looking for an escape from the regular Monday-Friday grind. In my free time I like strategy or role-playing gaming, either PC or tabletop; I am also a home brewer, an avid outdoorsman with an interest in fungi. Am interested in social nudity, e.g. saunas/spas, beaches, "FKK" etc. (note: "platonic" nudity, nothing sexual).
Location: British Columbia, Canada
About: Into completely non technical philosophies :) Presently trying to make sense of start.hubzilla Think I have to find the Hubzilla for Dummies book
Description: Personal Page of Daniel Kropveld
Location: Amsterdam, NL
Homepage: https://kropveld.net
Keywords: Linux, hiking, nature
Description: Mr
Age: 61
Location: West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Keywords: photography, hiking, science
Location: Sudeste, Brasil
Hometown: Ubatuba
Description: Web programmer
Location: Netherlands