Description: Google + Refugee
Age: 66
Location: Tasmania, Australia
Location: British Columbia, Canada
About: Into completely non technical philosophies :)
Presently trying to make sense of start.hubzilla
Think I have to find the Hubzilla for Dummies book
Description: Personal Page of Daniel Kropveld
Location: Amsterdam, NL
Keywords: Linux, hiking, nature
Description: Mr
Age: 59
Location: West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Keywords: photography, hiking, science
Age: 50
Location: Otzberg, Germany
Hometown: Otzberg
Location: Sudeste, Brasil
Hometown: Ubatuba
Location: UK
Hometown: Nottingham
Location: Washington State, USA
Hometown: Silverdale
Location: New Zealand
About: My thing is; Astronomy, Weather, Science, Photography, Timelapse, Tramping/Hiking, Cycling, Target/3D Archery, Anime, Humor, Linux, Debian, SysAdmin, Self-Hosting, OpenSource
Description: random guy in california
Age: 46
Location: Calavaras, California, US
Description: RSS-Feed des Reiseblogs Triptodrop