Location: Hessen, Germany
Hometown: Frankfurt
Keywords: music, jazz, blues, saxophone, guitar
About: Long story. I play guitar and am learning saxophone, I'm your grandfather's age, but possibly more active.
Description: Musician
Location: Germany
Keywords: music, guitar, flute, saxophone, piano
Age: 41
Location: NRW, Germany
Hometown: Leverkusen
About: Vinyl loving Guitar player from the middle of Germany, IT Master at day and Photographer at night.
Age: 41
Location: NRW, Germany
Hometown: Leverkusen
Keywords: Photography, Linux, Guitar
Description: Huge and happy blue bird
Age: 28
About: I'm a javascript software developer, owner of 6 cockatiels and a cat, guitar player, long-skate-boarder wannabe and just a curious person.
Description: Musician, DJ, Guitarist, Drummer, Kizomba dancer, 和太鼓 Japanese taiko player, 書道 Calligraphy enthusiast, Urbanist, Spatial planner, Environmental engineer
Location: Switzerland
Location: Hamburg, Hamburg, Deutschland
Description: Marc
Location: temporary Lancashire :(
Hometown: Essex
About: I'm a Musician, into ambient droney type stuff like you hear on Soma FM Drone Zone. Facebook refugee
Location: Ontario, Canada
Hometown: Ottawa
Age: 47
Location: Italy