Description: Ninja of the Fediverse. Naturist based in Australia
Location: Australia
Hometown: Hong Kong
Description: she/her/it. More an empty animated wrecking ball than human, made of bone(human) china.
Location: United Kingdom
About: Hi well what can i say, well the reason i'm trying hubzilla is to try an aggregate all my feeds social stuff into one place or to check if this has the potential to do so. I'm semi-addicted to facebook while being aware that they are also evil would love to be able to replace it with something else.
Description: Computer repair and services
Location: United states
Keywords: geek, squad, tech, support, geek, squad, chat, geek, squad
Description: IT Specialist
Location: United States
Keywords: linux, geek, IT
Age: 47
Location: Bordeaux, France
Location: Sachsen, DE
Hometown: Chemnitz
Age: 2
Location: Lazio, Italia
Hometown: Roma
Location: Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany
About: Inter-discipline geek from northern Germany.