Description: Gemeinschaftgärten Hirschgrün und Vielfeld
Description: Petes Hubzilla at USSRdotWIN
Age: 59
Location: Woodside, South Australia, Australia
Hometown: Woodside
Age: 40
About: Hi! I'm happy to share that I like all things natural, they serve as great boosters for daily life, swinging my mood up and seeing how life changes when it grows, sometimes a single leaf at a time!
About: *NEW FORUM*
A place for those interested in being self-sufficient and sustainable to meet others and exchange ideas, tips, etc. Come share your small-scale or large garden, homestead, urban homestead or other off-grid projects
Location: Washington State, USA
Hometown: Silverdale
Age: 7
About: Privater Kanal der Gardening-Gruppe von Transition Regensburg