Description: Riskvereniging Bergen op Zoom en omstreken
Keywords: risk, boardgame
About: De riskvereniging speelt normaal gesproken op vrijdagavond. Helaas is de competitie 2020-2021 vanwege de corona-maatregelen noodgedwongen tot nader order stilgelegd.
Description: Hallo pecinta teknologi- Perkenalkan saya ialah seseorang konten writer pada web Irtekno. com- Informasi Teknologi Terbaru, kami mangulas bermacam kasus teknologi. Kami telah menolong banyak
Age: 23
Description: Fantasy Sports App Development
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Hometown: Pittsburgh
About: I am Jones Brianna a web developer at Mobiweb Technologies which is a leading software and app development company. The Mobiweb team has immense experience in working for iGaming industries including sports betting, casino game apps, board games, casino, sportsbook, fantasy sports app development and so on. We deal with the UK, USA, South African and all other global clients. The Mobiweb team believes in client satisfaction and for this, the management team organizes training sessions for developers to boost up their skills. Our dedicated team of developers work on new technologies and their skills will help to get results in terms of customer satisfaction. Mobiweb has come up with a new concept of business intelligence that can help businesses to solve their business problems in a few easy steps.
Location: Ahmedabad, Gujrat, India
Keywords: Play, fantasy, cricket, game, cricket, game
Description: There scarcely any destinations that guarantee offering of snappy profit for betting. Earlier enlisting and putting resources into Satta matka world, it is a great idea to experience every si
Age: 33
Location: maharastra, India
Hometown: mumbai
Description: Chief Editor
Keywords: Video, games
Age: 31
Location: Tokyo-tou, Japan
Hometown: Tokyo
Keywords: gaming, games, oline, games
About: We rarely think about what is behind the back of a beautifully designed online casino. To create a high-quality platform for players, a large team of professionals regularly works on the implementation and modernization of projects. I work as a project manager at JapanCasinoSpot. I simultaneously act as a leader and performer. It is interesting and very responsible. I control the entire process from the deadlines to the quality of work performed. In my free time, I play sports. From early childhood, my favourite sport is athletics.


Description: Vice President of The Farmers Ark, Inc.
Age: 37
Location: Mississippi, United States
Hometown: Houston
Description: Apps, games and website reviews
Keywords: Apps, games, and, website, reviews
Description: Akragames
Age: 24
Location: Indonesia, Indonesia
Hometown: Jakarta
Keywords: Akragames
About: Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do, so throw off the bowlines, sail away from safe harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore, Dream, Discover.
Description: wabsol
Age: 25
Location: Oost-Vlaanderen, België
About: My life goal is to make a virtual world that people can use to do daily stuff in. Using tech most found in games. I live by myself, and dream about becoming a grandparent one day. But before all that I will need to find myself the love of my life and settle with her.
Description: Подкастер. Стример. Твиттерский. В общем, полный набор.
About: Пришёл из Твиттера - Соображаю на троих в подкасте "Тройное А" - Провожу внезапные стримы ретро-игр не реже раза в год: Мой тег автора в Epic Games Store - ZLOYGIK Гикчат -
Description: RSS news for Alternity role-playing game by Wizards of the Coast and recently rebooted by Sasquatch Publishing
Description: Member Pickwick Club and Cultural Detective
Location: WA
Hometown: Spokane
About: Espresso: Iced americano, no room. Martini: Gin, very dry with a twist. Steak: Medium rare. Pineapple on pizza. Grey hair is sexy. Mr Toad. Bardolator. #Year53 Member of the Pickwick Club, Cultural Detective, Noted Pedestrian, Voracious Reader, Thrift Privateer, Curious Antiquary, Ginmaster General
Description: Linux tester
Age: 29
Location: Bashkortostan, Russia
Hometown: Ufa
Keywords: Linux, game, history
About: Рад общению и новым знакомствам.
Description: Benjamin Pearson
Location: Arkansas, United States of America
Hometown: Little Rock
Description: Instance admin of
Age: 33
Location: Manchester, UK
Hometown: Derby
Description: If in Doubt Distract Them with Nudity
Age: 31
Location: Bremen, Germany
About: Late 20's year old, travelled to 30+ countries, lived for extended periods in six. Currently in Bremen, Germany, looking for an escape from the regular Monday-Friday grind. In my free time I like strategy or role-playing gaming, either PC or tabletop; I am also a home brewer, an avid outdoorsman with an interest in fungi. Am interested in social nudity, e.g. saunas/spas, beaches, "FKK" etc. (note: "platonic" nudity, nothing sexual).
Age: 50
Location: Belo Horizonte, MG, Brasil
Location: Hamburg, Deutschland
Hometown: Hamburg
About: Katzenphilosophie. Also linker Anarchist der kratzt wenn man ihn ärgert, oder einfach nur seinen Hintern zeigt und weg geht. ;)
Description: I play D&D and draw stuff...
Age: 41
About: Global Submission Manager at 505 Games. Vegetarian, whovian, metaller. Likes cats, tea, videogames, books, art. Supports equal rights. Views are my own.
Description: This anime channel belongs to
Hometown: 2D Land
Keywords: anime, manga, games
Location: Russia
Location: Russia
Description: Artesano Digital
Location: México
About: Artesano Digital.
Description: Admin
About: Open source game development community moderator & occasional blogger.
Keywords: gamedev, godot, programming
About: I'm an amateur gamedev learning japanese.
Location: DF, Brasil
Hometown: Brasília
Keywords: Design, typography, games, CG.
Description: Software Engineer
Location: South Carolina, US
About: I'm a software developer with a focus on web development. I'm into comics, video games, and board games.
Location: Massachusetts, USA
Description: Inspired by the "What have you been playing?" segment of podcasts like the long defunct "1UP Yours". A place to talk about your experiences in video games. So what have you have been playing?
Hometown: The Grid
Description: Where beginner chess palyers can practice and (try to) learn
Keywords: Chess, games, and, discussions