Description: Gamer
About: Hey there, I’m Spencer I’m a software engineer living in London, ON, Canada. I am a fan of gaming, video games, and football.
Location: Niedersachsen, Deutschland
Hometown: Lüneburg
Keywords: Klimaschutz, Fridays, for, Future
About: Ich bin neu hier auf Hubzilla und möchte die Plattform  ausprobieren.
Description: Samsung Irex leading manufacturers of functional furniture hardware in Korea. Our main items cover all hardware parts for kitchen and furniture. For more query please visit us.
Age: 35
Location: Haryana, India
Hometown: Gurugram
About: Samsung Irex leading manufacturers of functional furniture hardware in Korea. Our main items cover all hardware parts for kitchen and furniture. For  more query please visit us.
Description: Group
Location: United States
About: Discussion group for pioneers and enthusiasts of the decentralized web. Common interests include P2P wireless mesh infrastructure and P2P protocols such as
Description: Reviews submissions for relevance and quality, assigns Version 4 UUIDs to each accepted entry
Keywords: SQL, Databases, UUID, Web, Forms, Mappings
About: This is a Web Function Account, assumed by a real users, for a given period of time, to perform a specific function related to the Management of the Factory 4.0 Assigned UUIDs.
Description: Fridays For Future Italia - in the Fediverse
Description: arts, ecologies, innovations
Age: 64
Location: Bretagne, France
About: voir mon site  où vous trouverez lien vers activités principales  chreodes association et comgl

Priorités actuelles : contacts internationaux pour mosaic chreodes project :  local correspondant,  relation publiclic,  exposition place, partners
Description: Production Engineer
Location: Illinois
Hometown: Hoffman Estates
About: I am the designer and the CEO, and currently the only process supervisor behind the Factory 4.0 Open Initiative, LLC (FourOh-LLC).

. . . My platform is Virtualmin on Virtual Private Servers from AWS, GCE, Linode. I build with standard UNIX servers and services such as BIND, OpenLDAP, LAMP. My productivity stack is implemented for pilots, or for staging migrations to service providers. I use simplified frameworks such as web forms on Joomla with Fabrik that are 100% free of licensing cost and restrictions.

. . . Large part of Industry 4.0 (called "fouroh") is to maximize the use of data from all available sources, which includes automated equipment on the production floor, component data published by the manufacturers, and qualifiers such as environmental regulations and life-cycle management. FourOh-LLC, as part of Industry 4.0 is to lead the way for all those who are NOT able to afford even the fundamental fouroh advancements, not to mention enterprise-level services. Businesses still managing operations via spreadsheets, paper forms and tribal knowledge are going to be provided the resources to digitize on a budget, with incremental change - instead of paying the full price and reinvent their business model whole-sale.

* * * FourOh-LLC helps small manufacturers to transfer tribal knowledge, spreadsheets and paper forms into an enterprise-ready database. The LLC publishes the specifications to an enterprise-class infrastructure and web forms free-of-monetary-cost. Based on those specifications local experts in your area, who form their own Factory 4.0 Open Initiative chapters, may help you to begin digitizing your business infrastructure. * * *

You are invited to discuss your own business needs as a Factory 4.0 Open Initiative client - or to discuss the process of becoming a service provider in your area, forming a local chapter. This web is part of the Hubzilla global grid, a de-centralized and federated social network with extensive privacy support. It is currently the best alternative for business intranets and extranets where participants and allowed content types are regulated by you, the server owner - and where all your data belongs to you and remains with you.
Description: father and husband who likes being in the rain
About: following Christ, distance-running without shoes, relocating to rural thailand to serve the people, reading, teaching english, trading forex
Hometown: Düsseldorf
About: Computer und Ahnenforschung
Description: Forex Investments- experienced trader looking for investors willing to make 100-400 percent gains from the initial deposit. message me if interested.
Location: MD, USA
Hometown: Landover
About: Names Antonio i am 21 i trade the Forex market. i have a proven plan to extract profits out of the financial market.
Description: Chief Product Officer @ Global Grid for Learning
Location: California, USA
Description: Magnet CoWork Space is the best coworking space in Chandigarh for entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers. Book your shared office space on rent nearby Elante Mall.
Location: Chandigarh, Chandigarh, India
Age: 48
Location: Belo Horizonte, MG, Brasil
Description: Christianity, Science, Education and Service
Age: 43
Location: Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Hometown: Rio de Janeiro
Description: Owner
Age: 39
Location: Alabama, US
Hometown: Montevallo
About: I am a Systems Architect for Motorola Solutions and a amateur blacksmith
Description: Best Granite, Quartz and Marbles Worktops on Astrum Granite Astrum Granite is one of the most popular countertop materials that we carry here at As we know that Granite is
Location: England, United Kingdom
Hometown: London
About: Astrum Granite is one of the most popular countertop materials that we carry here at As we know that Granite is a durable choice for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities and more. Since there are thousands of different unique colors of granite are available, it is the effective and perfect natural stone to fit the stylish décor of any project.
Location: CA, United States
Keywords: russian, california, usa
Description: Staff Author at fieldengineer
About: Staff author at field-engineer. Fieldengineer supports businesses for fetching the global on-demand workforce . Feeling difficult to get the right on-demand workforce in telecom industry, then here is the perfect solution .
Description: Hi, I’m Jack. I am a fan of technology, education, and entrepreneurship. I’m also interested in reading and web development.
Age: 1
Location: NY, United States
Hometown: New York
About: Hi, I’m Jack. I am a fan of technology, education, and entrepreneurship. I’m also interested in reading and web development. Expert in server maintenance. Working as a freelance technician in FieldEngineer.
Description: For the love of the game!
Location: Germany
Keywords: Football, Forum
About: #Hubzilla has everything you can possibly look for on any "social" platform. #Hubzilla offers much more than any other "social" platform. But #Hubzilla used to totally lack a place to talk football. Well, not anymore! Be welcome to talk your favorite sport. And hell yeah, you can as well talk about "soccer" here! ;-)
Description: TFTSR Owner
Age: 39
Location: Montavollo, Alabama, US
Description: Landei
Age: 52
Location: Baden-Württemberg
Hometown: Raum HN und S
About: freundlich und unkompliziert, dennoch mit Anspruch auf Niveau, neige gelegentlich zu Starrsinn, vielseitig interessiert, ab und an konservativ, trotzdem immer up to date. Querdenkerin.

Gamerin auf der PS4, Tierliebend, Tussi-Non-Konformistin,
Description: - Enhancing Consumer Informedness
Age: 17
Location: Finland
About: - Enhancing Consumer Informedness is a consumer empowerment effort since 2002.

The development wiki has been online since 2003.
Description: Owner
Age: 1
Location: Alabama, US
Hometown: Calera
Description: Forum de support pour les utilisateurs de G3L -||- Support Forum for G3L Users
Location: France
About: En complément: Page Hubzilla Francophone (FR)
Description: Permaculture Research Institute
Location: Andalusia, Spain
Hometown: Lanjaron
About: [EN]We are a Permaculture Research Institute and Association based in Andalusia, southern Spain
[ES] Somos un Instituto de investigación de permacultura y asociación con sede en Andalucía, sur de España
Description: a local sub node of FairCoop
Location: Andalusia, Granada, Spain
Hometown: Orgiva
Age: 45
Location: Lombardia, Italia
Hometown: Vestreno
Description: ATF Forklifts
Location: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Description: Biology & IT student - Environnementalist - FOSS contributor wannabe
About: French folk. Etudiant en biologie-biochimie. Passionné par les sciences, le nature, l'informatique et le son, animateur radio par ailleurs. Je suis également instrumentaliste amateur à mes heures perdues (guitare basse, guitare, ukulele) et militant environnementaliste (pas écologiste ni écologue, l'écologie est une science et les politiques qui s'en revendiquent sont des charlatans).

Fabriquons une société durable et juste. Soyons utilitaristes et positivistes. Soutiens de fait à tous ceux qui luttent en ce sens et ne jamais cesser d'apprendre.

Je me connecte avec les zhumains et les robots aussi s'ils sont gentils. J'ai soif d'humanité et d'échanges et je vous follow si votre propos m'intéresse. Bisous.
Description: Counter-Information against manipulation of information by the mass media.
About: Counter-Information against manipulation of information by the mass media.
Location: Boston, Etats-Unis
Description: Property For Sale Mullumbimby
Keywords: Property, For, Sale, Mullumbimby
Description: Support Forum for Silverhaze Users
Location: Germany
About: Coop Fan, Co-Owner of GLS Bank eG (Ethical Banking), Hostsharing eG (Webhosting) interested in platformcooperativism. I earn my money with colormanagement for the graphics industry
Description: Doctorant en informatique et neo-blogger sur le logiciel libre et la protection des données personnelles à mes heures perdues: #python #logiciell
Location: Irapuato, Gto., México
Hometown: Irapuato, Gto. México.
Location: Lombardia, Italia
Hometown: Vestreno
About: GA-2 dal 1980

GA-2 snc di Guglielmo Andrea & C. opera nel settore della sicurezza antincendio dal 1980 con grande attenzione alla qualità ed alle caratteristiche tecniche di prodotti e dei servizi proposti alla propria clientela.
Efficienza, efficacia e professionalita’ sono alla base del successo del marchio che ha esteso la propria competenza nel settore della sicurezza sia attiva che passiva.

Grazie ad un know-how all’avanguardia nel campo dell’antincendio e della sicurezza, eroghiamo un servizio di assistenza completo di alto profilo qualitativo che comprende la consulenza, la progettazione, la manutenzione e la formazione.

GA-2 snc, ha fatto della Qualità uno degli obiettivi strategici, al fine di garantire il pieno soddisfacimento delle esigenze del Cliente e delle sue aspettative per quanto riguarda la fornitura di servizi di assistenza e manutenzione di attrezzature antincendio, selezionate con rigidi criteri di valutazione e nel rispetto delle normative vigenti.

La societa’ si avvale di uno staff tecnico e qualificato, soggetto a continui aggiornamenti formativi al fine di mantenere e migliorare le proprie competenze per poter garantire l’elevata conoscenza tecnica che la clientela richiede.

Per questo motivo, la conoscenza della legislazione e delle norme tecniche permette di fornire tutti i supporti necessari per definire la protezione da effettuare con:

    Attrezzature antincendio
    Materiale pompieristico
    Porte, portoni tagliafuoco e uscite di sicurezza
    Ampliamenti o modifiche di impianti

GA-2 snc è in grado di assicurare alla propria clientela un servizio di manutenzione sia programmata che straordinaria, su ogni tipologia di impianto o presidio antincendio, garantendo la sicurezza 365 giorni all’anno.
About: Wir sind eine Gruppe von MINT-Interessierten und wir treffen uns monatlich für ein paar Bierchen und gemeinsames Philosophieren und Austauschen über MINT-Themen. Willkommen ist jeder, der/die/das Spaß an (natur-)wissenschaftlichen Sachthemen hat oder sich zumindest nicht von der Themenwahl abschrecken lässt.

Unser Stammtisch trifft sich einmal im Monat, abwechselnd in Erlangen und Nürnberg.

Thomas stellt meist Bücher vor, die er gelesen hat. Natürlich dürfen das auch alle anderen Gäste :)
Description: Trying to be a bit personal, an allround human being. Hope you find sth. nice on my sites here!!
Age: 47
Location: Augsburg, Germany
About: Hey! I am a guy around 40 sth. , taking everyday steps to live life in an artistic approach; Trying to and believing to be virtuos in all areas. Most important are humans, my next men and women and the relationships; I changed over my passing life from an introvert techie to a social person, and became a believer.

I would like to experiment with the hubzilla network grid and related stuff, at least because it's possible, we can use it in a decent way, not overestimate it, simply go with the technical tools around us.

May you be blessed dear fellow human, would be nice to get a contact request if you feel sth here when reading!
Age: 32
Location: Munich, Germany
Hometown: Darmstadt, Germany
About: I'm a very curious person, eager to gain experiences. In short, I'm profound, friendly and warm-hearted. Friends also describes me as honest, tender, reliable, intelligent and humorous. I leave it to your decision if you'll trust them. :-D Last but not least I'm fond of chocolate and other sweets.

I moved to Munich about two years ago to enjoy life here and of course to work in a great job. Prior to that I've studied computer sciences in Darmstadt and have done some research at the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg.
Description: Housing is a process, not a product. It is not a noun, it's a verb, an activity
Location: Hessen, Deutschland
Keywords: physics, bioinformatics
About: Hubzilla Support, Questions and Answers.
Location: Deutschland
About: Mein Motto: Open Source, Open Mind & Open Community!

Facebook ist gestorben, es lebe die Hubzilla!

Ich empfinde es als unsere Pflicht für unsere digitale Freiheit und Unabhängigkeit einzustehen. Nicht nur für uns, sondern auch für zukünftige Generationen ist dies von enormer Bedeutung. Da niemand anderes für diese Ideale einsteht, müssen wir endlich anfangen selbst Verantwortung zu zeigen und unser Verhalten entsprechend ändern.

Aus diesem Grund gründete ich das Freizeitprojekt und administriere zusätzlich den zugehörigen Hubzilla-Hub

Du hast Fragen oder benötigst Unterstützung? Schreib mich einfach an oder schaue im IRC vorbei.
Location: Sri Lanka
About: Visual artist, writer and translator. Loves theatre and performance art. Free software user.