Description: Admin of this Instance encourages free thought
Age: 52
Location: Pyongyang, DPRK
Hometown: KZN
About: African dissident poet | Psychologist, employed as a teacher. Proud father of three daughters. May Allah be pleased with our sacrifices.
Description: * a foundation for creative empowerment * "To inspirit and enable, direct positive action for a changing world."
Age: 34
Location: US
Hometown: New York
Keywords: Math, education
About: My name is Herman Lambert. I work as a high school teacher. I teach mathematics. Graduated from the University of California. I want to develop in the field of education, so I constantly improve my qualifications and level of knowledge.
Description: a foundation for creative empowerment
Location: United Kingdom
About: To inspirit & enable direct positive actions for a changing world. Promoting alternate perspectives of living, through; knowledge transfer, land-based learning with practicable application and real-world implementation.
Location: London, UK
Hometown: Earth
About: Previous life, research. This web site is used to collate the various proprietary systems (e.g. you have encountered via 'Researchgate'), into an open-source communication platform ('Hubzilla'). Now a school teacher, London UK.
Description: transitioning tools for a changing world
Description: Old man. Research tech. Former cyberpunk. Reborn solarpunk.
Location: Michigan, USA
Hometown: Detroit metro area
About: ERRORABEND specifies that a program will terminate for most errors (including syntax errors and file not found errors) that would normally cause it to issue an error message.
Description: outreach for free media alliance
Description: Physics Teacher and human intelligence Enthusiast. Prof. Fí­sica e Entusiasta da Inteligência human
Age: 51
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Hometown: Rio de Janeiro
About: Um entusiasta da inteligência humana... mais sobre mim? Siga esse apontador! A Â human intelligence enthusiast... more about me? Follow this Link!
Description: Christianity, Science, Education and Service
Age: 45
Location: Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Hometown: Rio de Janeiro
Description: Permaculture Research Institute
Location: Andalusia, Spain
Hometown: Lanjaron
About: [EN]We are a Permaculture Research Institute and Association based in Andalusia, southern Spain [ES] Somos un Instituto de investigación de permacultura y asociación con sede en Andalucía, sur de España
Description: Group/forum about Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects
About: Group/forum about Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects. These items are posted automatically via (Mastodon): • On this day (English Wikipedia) • Picture of the day (Wikimedia Commons) • Featured article of the day (English Wikipedia) • Wikimedia Foundation blog Please !mention this forum if you post a link to an Wikipedia article, so other people can enjoy too.