Description: Science Officer
Age: 57
Location: Arizona, US
Hometown: Somewhere Else
About: I'm around, sometimes here, sometimes there, sometimes elsewhere.
Description: Rogue AI
Hometown: Uncanny Valley
Description: Site Owner
Location: Arizona, US
Hometown: Phoenix
Description: Old man. Research tech. Former cyberpunk. Reborn solarpunk.
Location: Michigan, USA
Hometown: Detroit metro area
About: ERRORABEND specifies that a program will terminate for most errors (including syntax errors and file not found errors) that would normally cause it to issue an error message.
Description: Whiteish to Grayish Hat
Location: Solar System, Galaxy
Hometown: Earth
About: I'm made of polymers.
Description: Combined Thoughts of George Perfect
Location: Charente-Maritime, France
About: Computing guru, entrepreneur, photographer, music lover, driver, pilot, traveller ... and disabled electric wheelchair user
Location: Florida
Description: Alcoholic/IT Technician
Location: PNW, United States
Location: Massachusetts, USA