Description: Orchestrate of insanity
Location: Somewhere City, Wherever, Whenever
Hometown: Whichever
About: Apparently I'm a racist, misognystic straight white male...
Even though I enjoy Aliens and Black Panther among other things.

Well, well...
Description: Animal from Earth
Location: Nomadic, United States
About: I am a human. I live on earth.
Age: 47
Location: Doylestown, PA, United States
Description: A retired fella from Cowtown
Age: 118
Location: Ontario, Canada
Hometown: Toronto
About: Retired
Description: just a victim of society and all its games
Location: Netherlands
About: activism ☆ anarchism ☆ journalism ☆ politics ☆ human rights ☆ tech ☆ 🐧 ☆ free culture ☆ science ☆ ⛅ ☆ scifi ☆ 🎧 ☆ prn ☆ asd ☆ nb
About: I'm not part of an organization, a club, a party or even a movement.
I have no charter, no manifest, and certainly do not pay membership fees to anyone.
I have no leaders, no gurus, no panelists.
In fact, I do not even have a fixed ideology.
I carry out actions against mutual oppressive targets, much like hornets against intrusive dicks.
No one can speak for me.
My actions shape who and what I am.
Only my actions will decide if I am accepted or shunned, rejected or embraced.

I am the student, worker, clerk, unemployed; hedonist, ascetic, joy rider or activist.
I am your neighbor, your co-worker, your hairdresser, your bus driver and your network administrator.
I am the woman and the man on the street with the suitcase and the woman and man in the bar you are trying to chat up.
I exist without skin color, without nationality, without religious bias...
I am anonymous.

What is the right thing to do?
The only person who can tell me what is right for me is myself.
I am also the only person responsible for my actions.

Resistance is existence.

You may stop this individual, but you can't stop us all... after all, we're all alike.
Description: Mr
About: Free Palestine, Pro-Human and Environmental Rights Activist, Anti-Nuclear Activist
Description: Weblog Jeroenpraat (Dutch only)
Location: Nederland
About: The primary language of this blog is Dutch, but sometimes I will write a post in English.

Naast deze weblog praat ik op Hubzilla (en o.a Diaspora) als en op Mastodon (en rest van de fediverse) als Daar doe ik lekker sociaal en hier blog ik alleen.

Over deze weblog

Deze weblog is een Hubzilla-kanaal op mijn eigen Hubzilla-hub. Deze wordt gehost op een VPN in Duitsland en draait Debian Stretch met de nodige noodzakelijke serversoftware.


Image/photo Alle blogberichten vallen onder de Creative Commons Naamsvermelding-NietCommercieel-GelijkDelen-licentie (CC BY-NC-SA), behalve waar anders aangegeven.
Description: Foro sobre el anarquismo y los anarquistas (español)
About: Esto es una mezcla entre un canal alimentado por distintos "feeds" y un foro de
discusión sobre anarquismo en español. Las páginas de cuyos "feeds" se nutre el
canal son 6 y hemos procurado que sean representativas de las distintas
tendencias del pensamiento y el hacer libertarios: cultura, activismo, la lucha de las mujeres, la denuncia o la acción directa  Porque, en efecto, el anarquismo no es un concepto monolítico, sino un conjunto de saberes y luchas que a lo largo del tiempo han conformado uno de los más hermosos sueños de la Humanidad. Si hay algo que une a todos los anarquistas es ese dicho popular español de "a esos no hay quien los gobierne"...

- A las barricadas
- Portal Oaca
- Mujerícolas
- Tarcoteca
- Reflexiones desde Anarrres
- Acracia
- Contra Info
- Libcom (en Español)

Estos "feeds" se actualizan a ritmos distintos, desde unas pocas veces al mes a los que lo hacen con frecuencia diaria. Siéntase libre para sugerir otras fuentes distintas, pero recuerde que estas páginas son solo un punto de partida para la discusión y el debate. Recuerde, además, que los "feeds" consumen muchos recursos y embotan la lectura.

Los miembros (las conexiones, según la terminología de Hubzilla) del foro pueden escribir directamente aquí o en su propio canal, simplemente añadiendo en la entrada @Anarquismo (es)+. Intervenga con frecuencia: es la razón de ser de una página como esta.

Las entradas de los feeds y los comentarios son libres.
Description: Channel about anarchism and for anarchists (English)
About: This is a mix between an anarchism feed channel and an anarchism forum. Twenty (English language) feeds have currently been selected to update this channel on a semi-regular base. Those feeds are from:

  • Anarchist Writers
  • Anarkismo
  • Infoshop
  • Libcom
  • ROAR Magazine
  • The Anarchist Library
  • International of Anarchist Federations (IFA)
  • Earth First! Newswire
  • CrimethInc. Far East Blog
  • Contra Info
  • 325
  • A-Infos
  • Center for a Stateless Society
  • Agency: An Anarchist PR Project
  • Institute for Anarchist Studies
  • Revolution by the Book: The AK Press Blog
  • Slackbastard
  • Anarchist Black Cross Federation (US)
  • London Anarchist Black Cross
  • Red Rose Anarchist Federation
  • It's Going Down (only native content)

Those feeds update between a few times per month and few times per day. If you have a good suggestion for a new feed that does not overlap the existing feeds, please let this know on the channel page. But remember that too many feeds will flood this channel. The feeds will hopefully function as a starting point for discussion.

Feed posts are public, so also (please note!) the comments. Diaspora users should note that to comment you must connect to this channel first. Hubzilla members can always comment on public posts.

Connections (members) can also post directly on the channel page (wall). Directly or using @Anarchism+. Please discuss as much as possible.

This channel is about (left-wing) anarchism. Read here why anarcho-capitalism is not anarchism. Nazi's, fascists and the alt/far/extreme/ultra-right are not welcome.

Español? Castellano? Latinoamericanos?
Description: Compórtate como tu adversario y justificarás su conducta
Age: 50
Location: Eutopía
Location: The Netherlands

This account is used to propagate information and news to serve as a basis for online social and political discussion.

So items posted by this account do not represent the opinion of any Pirate Party or party member in general.