Location: österreich
Description: Foppe's regular channel
About: Abolitionist vegan, anarchist marxist, very interested in NVC. Translated two books about veganism/animal rights into dutch; currently working on developing professional skills, pondering starting a blog. Somewhat familiar with spirituality, insofar as it helps me understand our limitations, pitfalls. Very worried about liberalism's blind spots, including the sacred status of money. Great fan of the work of Michael Hudson, David Graeber, David Harvey, Gary Francione.
Age: 41
Location: NRW, Germany
Hometown: Leverkusen
About: Vinyl loving Guitar player from the middle of Germany, IT Master at day and Photographer at night.
Age: 67
Location: Virginia, USA
About: Digital artist, science fiction,
Description: atheist vegan
Location: an der Nordsee / North Sea Coast, Niedersachsen / Lower Saxony, Deutschland / Germany
About: pro: observing, seeking out , inquiring, self-questioning,  listening, empathy, compassion, mutual aid, socialism... choosing cooperation over competition anytime
Description: agender vegan atheist punk trekkie / ❤️nature biology food health music / new: https://hubzilla.eu/channel/seja
Location: Niedersachsen / Lower Saxony, Deutschland / Germany
Hometown: North Sea Coast
About: observer, seeker, inquirer, doubter / lover of listening, empathy, compassion, aid, socialism... and self-questioning (a querying or doubting of one's own beliefs, motives, etc.) / fighting against racism, sexism, fascism, xenophobia,  exploitation, ecocide... and my dark side too, of course
Location: UK
Homepage: www.nik.codes
Keywords: coding, modding, gaming, vegan
Description: ( Barfußläufer Fahrradfahrer Veganer Foodsaver Freeganer Plastikvermeider )
Location: Schwerin / Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
Description: Dolĉa infano de l' somero. Vegano. Trikanto kaj teo-trinkanto. Mi bakas panon.
About: Kanalo nur en #Esperanto.

Profilbildo far Lampiro.
Description: Doctorant en informatique et neo-blogger sur le logiciel libre et la protection des données personnelles à mes heures perdues: https://liberte-securite-vieprivee.fr/blog. #python #logiciell
Homepage: liberte-securite-vieprivee.fr
Description: Biohacking software engineer exploring food, diet, exercise, and lifestyle from a 1st person point of view
Location: US
Location: Kansas City, MO, United States of America
About: Time Magazine Person of the Year - 2006

I'm different.