Location: Houston, TX, United States
Hometown: Houston
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About: Here at Nu Dentistry, we're dedicated to you and your comfort. We always make sure your procedure is comfortable and stress-free. If you are nervous about your upcoming implant, we're prepared to care for your needs. We offer multiple anesthesia and sedation options, including nitrous oxide, oral conscious sedation, and IV sedation, so you're always at ease. We also have incredible luxuries available to you so you can watch Netflix or listen to music wirelessly and enjoy yourself throughout your procedure!
Description: Lerne die Kultur des Grüntee-Trinkens im la bonne heure kennen | Learn about green tea at la bonne heure
Location: Basel, Schweiz
Homepage: https://labonneheure.ch/page/info/tee
About: Discover the culture of preparing and drinking green tea and the philosophy of tea in the cozy atmosphere of our tea degustations at la bonne heure. If you want, you can buy green tea and tea things from us. OffersNewsSchedule https://labonneheure.ch https://labonneheure.ch/page/info/tee
Description: Ich bin Tänzerin und Improvisationskünstlerin. I am a dancer and artist focused on improvisation.
Location: Basel, Schweiz
Hometown: Korea
Homepage: https://labonneheure.ch/yeonji
About: My HomepageMy resumeMy portfolioMy public wallRSSThe human presence plays an important role for me, rather than sensual electric devices. Dance and cooking are my favorite activities. Dance: I give spaces to emptiness in order to stress fullness. I confront my dance with distance and no-distance, time, with destroyed, used and forgotten objects and with gender. I examine the meanings of suffer, surviving and existence. My dance and art are inspired by Maya M. Carroll, Emmanuel Grivet, Lilo Stahl and Rosalind Crisp. Cooking: I like to do everything by my own, may it be pasta, kimchi or Bärlauchpesto, and to avoid producing waste. Languages: * Mother tongue: Korean * I master the language English * I'm learning German https://labonneheure.ch/page/yeonji/home https://labonneheure.ch/cloud/yeonji/lebenslauf/Resume_Yeonji.pdf https://labonneheure.ch/cloud/yeonji/Portfolio/Portfolio_Yeonji.pdf
Description: Ich bin Musiker, Improvisationskünstler, Sprachlehrer und Ingenieur. I am a musician and artist - focused on improvisation - a language teacher and an engineer.
Location: Basel, Schweiz
Homepage: https://labonneheure.ch/emanuel
About: I am passionate about social, relaxed and conscious living: Drinking tea, Chinese calligraphy, playing drums, cooking and direct social exchanges.