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About: Techcrazee gives you the opportunity to provide guest posts.It is a premium tech blog that covers all the niche such as Business, Apps, Lifestyle, SEO and various other categories to write
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About: Do you want to enjoy the benefits of a trade show, but don’t have the budget to prepare for it? Virtual booths come to your help. More innovative and more affordable, virtual booths create an engaging and interactive environment for audiences to explore. And you won’t have to travel to go to a trade show because virtual booths are browser-based!
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About: TechMuz is a platform where we provide information related to Android, Apps, windows, mac, gadgets, Tech Updates, and much more content related to Tec
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About: Focus: "Information Overload" mitigation (development, configuration and best-practise usage of methods, tools and solutions).
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About: This is my technology exploration "hat" / "nomadic identity" channel. You can find a list of my other public XV channels / hats / roles on my home page. I chose to use Hubzilla for its fenomenal nomadic identity feature in order to help both me and YOU to separate content topically into various such channels, so that we can consume the information we are interested in within some context, and not be forced to filter through a lot of contextually irrelevant stuff.
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