Description: HP Printer Support Phone Number
Location: Georgia, United States
Hometown: Johns Creek
About: HP printer in error state problem on windows or Mac system appears when HP printer is in low in paper or ink, device is fully jammed, and printer cover is open fully, or printing machine is not connected correctly. You do not need to worry more, if you are unable to fix HP printer in error state from your printing machine. We are technically experienced to apply the right troubleshooting instructions to resolve this error immediately. Our trained troubleshooters can provide you the quality solutions to come out from this hassle. So, obtaining quality assistance from us can reduce your worries of any kind of technical malfunction.
Description: Forum to organize meetings in Europe
Location: Europe
About: This forum is dedicated to discussing and planning personal meetings of members of the free web in Europe. For practical reasons, "the free web" means the RedMatrix, Friendica, and Diaspora here, because others can't join/read the forum. This is about meeting in Europe, but that doesn't mean people from other continents are not allowed to join. If you're from somewhere else, you're still invited to come to a meeting, and you're also allowed to just read about what we're doing, of course.