Description: Travel Agency in Seattle Washington DC
Location: 25441 104th Ave SE Unit No 4, Kent, WA 98030, USA, United States
Hometown: Seattle
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About: Big Travel Help is Seattle, WA best travel company for booking airline tickets at low cost, dealing in various domestic and international segments. We offer competitive fares best suited according to your requirements.
Age: 26
About: - Profession: Computer and Systems Engineer.
- Programming Languages: C++ and Python.
- Favorite Music: Hungarian Music, Russian Music, Folk Music, Classical Music, Pop Music.
Description: Airport Transfers, Town car Rental Seattle WA
Age: 26
Location: Seattle, United States
Hometown: 1443 8th street ne #T6 Seattle Washington 98002
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About: I am company owner; Experience the royal and the luxurious rides offered by the Seattle limo service these limos are easy to hire at round the clock.
Description: Toronto Web Design
Age: 28
Location: Toronto, ON, Canada
About: WireTree is a premier Toronto web design, WordPress, SEO and web development company in Toronto popular for its passion and assisting clients with an extensive range of web services. From small sized business units to big corporations, we offer valuable support in the all spheres of web design and development. Our experts at Toronto Web Design will keep your business objectives in mind and make sure to deliver you an effective and engaging WordPress website.
Description: β€œIf I had to choose between betraying my country and betraying my friend, I hope I should have the guts to betray my country.” E.M. Forster
Location: Europe
Description: Google + Refugee
Age: 66
Location: Tasmania, Australia
Description: The "H" stands for Heroin.
Location: United States
About: Heroin? Hallelujah!
Age: 42
About: I am a Hispanic American traveling the world. I get to go to Peru a lot since I love that country, but not from there. I am not a saint nor do i claim to be.  Love the Bible even knowing that i am not perfect, I keep on reading it.  πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ‘βœŒοΈ
Description: "I hate discussions. Sometimes they make you change your opinion." Oscar Wilde
Location: CΓ΄te Ouest, here and everywhere
Hometown: Wahrane
Description: A forum for those who want both individual liberty and a healthy planet.
About: A forum for those who want both individual liberty and a healthy planet.
Location: Washington State, USA
Hometown: Silverdale
Description: aka JL aka GV aka EV aka VG
Keywords: hubzilla, foss, music, sea, peace, romantic
About: Information for the federation (since I use this channel/profile for the federation).
I'm in hubzilla, I use hubzilla.
I have also other channels in hubzilla (but not for the federation).

Information for racist people, homophobes, machoists etc ... and all the bullshit as white supremacy, white power ....
I am a white man married to a black woman.
So go fuck your ass away from me.

ps: the federation is

James Lamentus
James Lamentus
James Lamentus

Description: Giac lo SquartaZuckerberg
About: Italian in Brazilian-land