Location: Deutschland
Keywords: IT, Apple, Data, Center, PS4
About: Charmant, Realist, Neugierig
Description: Landei
Age: 52
Location: Baden-Württemberg
Hometown: Raum HN und S
About: freundlich und unkompliziert, dennoch mit Anspruch auf Niveau, neige gelegentlich zu Starrsinn, vielseitig interessiert, ab und an konservativ, trotzdem immer up to date. Querdenkerin.

Gamerin auf der PS4, Tierliebend, Tussi-Non-Konformistin,
Description: Game warden for the information rhinoceros
Location: Texas, USA
Hometown: Austin
Keywords: otters, golang, photography, ps4
Location: Cheshire, United Kingdom
Hometown: Warrington
About: Global Citizen who believes that all cohabitants of our planet have equal rights. I also believe in Unity, Love & Linux over division, hate & Windows / Mac 🙃🙂❤
Description: Inspired by the "What have you been playing?" segment of podcasts like the long defunct "1UP Yours". A place to talk about your experiences in video games. So what have yo
Hometown: The Grid