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About: M3M India proudly launched M3M My Den - Luxury Serviced Apartments in the heart of Gurgaon. This ultra luxury apartment is between 874 to 1367 SQFT. M3M My Den investment starts at only 1.98 crores, which is a return of 10% per annum. M3M Urbana's double height luxury apartments are strategically located away from the 16 lane Golf Course Road Extern, Gurgaon. The new project provides seamless connectivity with Sohna Road, NH-8 and Golf Course Road.


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Description: This account will be where 10th Street Media delves into Hubzilla, the Fediverse, and various projects
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About: Sage mir o Bruder mein Mensch wer bist du!?
...makelloses Sterngebild am Himmelswunsch der Ärmsten oben.
Krasser Feuer-Wunde kühler Balsam-Freund -
Zaubrisch süßer Tau auf Tiger wildes Dorn-Gestrüpp -
Mildes Jerusalem fanatischer Kreuzzüge -
Nie je verlöschende Hoffnung -
Nie trügerischer Kompaß. Gottes Zeichen -
Öl bitterer Zwiebel starrer Zweifel -
Du tropische Hafenstadt ausgewanderter, der verlorenen Söhne -
Keiner dir fremd,
Ein jeder dir nah und Schwester. "
                    (Johannes R. Becher)
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About: Mathias Grassow has been called "The king of Drone Ambient", "One of the leading figures of the "sacred" space music" and more. His music encourages slowing down and connecting to your inner self. He calls it "3rd Ear Alchemy".
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About: I’m a Torah-observant Jew living in an affluent suburb of Cleveland. I live among my people. This is good, but sometimes inconvenient (like if I leave the light on in the refrigerator on the Sabbath). My faith is a huge part of my life. I share about it - a lot, customarily. I have a wife and four children, all of whom I love very, very much.

I’m kind of pompous sometimes. When I was taking my MBA, my cohort accused me of making up words. They called it “Philbonics.” I just have a broad vocabulary.

Some consider me amusing, and some compliment my singing voice. This makes me somewhat uncomfortable because I worry about Karma (or the Jewish equivalent, really).

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About: Je teste tranquillou Huzilla. Me pressez pas. Prévenez si je fais des bêtises.
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About: My thing is; Astronomy, Weather, Science, Photography, Timelapse, Tramping/Hiking, Cycling, Target/3D Archery, Anime, Humor, Linux, Debian, SysAdmin, Self-Hosting, OpenSource
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