Description: Combined Thoughts of George Perfect
Location: Charente-Maritime, France
About: Computing guru, entrepreneur, photographer, music lover, driver, pilot, traveller ... and disabled electric wheelchair user
Keywords: music, jazz, blues, saxophone, guitar
About: Long story. I play guitar and am learning saxophone, I'm your grandfather's age, but possibly more active.
Description: G+ -Flüchtling, G+refugee
Age: 52
Location: Österreich
Hometown: Wien
Keywords: Jazz, Kunst, Bücher, Fotografie
About: No politics on this account, ok, maybe I can't resist a reshare. Posts in English and German meant for an international audience
Location: Casa Mia
Keywords: rock, jazz, peace, love, foss
About: just for my not zot connections in the federation,

I'm using #hubzilla .
Zotum is an hubzilla site/hub .
Description: IT voodoo
Age: 46
Hometown: Königsberg
Description: Giac lo SquartaZuckerberg
About: Italian in Brazilian-land
Age: 48
Location: Italy
Description: music music music