Description: Software and Web development
Location: Nole, Piemonte, Italy
Hometown: Nole
About: Programmatore di computer, webmaster, blogger
Description: Founder of the HUBZILLA.PL interested to developing HUBZILLA project, and popularing federation web networks.
Age: 73
Location: Kraków, POLAND
Hometown: Kraków
Description: A free electronic squid swimming in digital waters...especially those of Fediverse
Location: Earth
About: A free electronic Squid swimming in digital waters...especially those of Fediverse.
Description: Hub-Admin
Age: 55
Location: Bács-Kiskun, Magyarország
Hometown: Gara
Description: Is this the #reallife? Is this just #fantasy?
Location: Bayern, Deutschland
Hometown: Mainburg
Location: Gara, Bács-Kiskun, Magyarország
Description: Lerne in diesem Seminar, mittels Hubzilla die digitale Unversehrtheit der Besucher und von dir selbst zu wahren.
Location: Basel, Schweiz
About: Learn autonomous and ethically correct web pubishing in Basel, based on the free and open source software Hubzilla.
Description: I ain't here on business, baby, I'm only here for fun. (Bruce Springsteen, Rosalita)
About: My channel posts are English or German, depending on the subject. I am pretty much addicted to politics and have a hang on football: Borussia Mönchengladbach, FC St.Pauli, Liverpool FC. You can as well call me a Southside-Johnny-Nerd... that'd be no offense. I believe in science but occasionally have my doubts about the progress of humanity. But anyways; Live and let live!
Description: unterwegs im digitalen Raum für mehr Datenschutz, Nachhaltigkeit und freie Kommunikation
Age: 5
About: Zotlabs|Hubzilla is a distributed community platform powered by Zot. Enjoy a software suite putting priority on privacy and giving you as much control about your data as possible. Break free from being tied to individual servers by upgrading from the centralized web to decentralized autonomy and a nomadic identity. Or let Hubzilla be your Fediverse bridge and also connect via ActivityPub, Diaspora* and Ostatus.
Description: Testprofil
About: Da gibt es eigentlich nicht viel zu sagen...
Age: 55
Location: Ungarn
About: Ich bin Dampf-„Aktivist“, Blogger, Hobby-Programmierer, Gitarren-Schrauber u.v.m. und lebe in Ungarn, wohin ich vor Jahren ausgewandert bin. Mein Nick- bzw. Kanalname? Nun, dazu gibt es eine kleine Story:
Description: Hucope-Kanal is funded and will be step-by-step further developed with core theme focus "Channel of communication for attendees of forums, webinars and live events"
About: Hucope - Hubzilla Connected People